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Finding and securing a nanny is a challenging process for parents. The nanny-parent relationship is definitely a complex one, and there are bound to be some disagreements and conflicts. In an ideal situation, a nanny will become an invaluable part of the family--equal parts employee and trusted friend. Still, it can take time to build a two-way relationship, and, still, there are no guarantees that you'll always get along swimmingly.  Most situations can be worked out with open communication and cooperation, however, there are some situations when parents should fire a nanny immediately. Ruka Curate,Former Nanny & Founder of Tiny Treasures NYC Nanny Agency shared her top fie reasons to terminate employment, immediately.

5 Reasons to Find A New Nanny

Suspicion of Abuse

Any signs that point towards mental, physical or sexual abuse of your child is an immediate reason for termination. If you are concerned you may want to install a nanny cam (if your state permits).


If your valuables are missing and never turn up, this could be a sign that you have a thief in your home.

Lack of Attention/Neglect

A nanny who does not pay attention to your child is a problem, but this may not be cause for termination if she is willing to change her behavior.

Substance Abuse

Use of alcohol or drugs while on the job is cause for immediate termination. If you find unknown drugs or alcohol in your home, terminate the relationship immediately.

Child Safety Concerns

In order to go to work and do a good job, you must feel that your children are safe and well cared for. If you do not feel secure in your nanny's ability to take care of your children, you may need to rethink this situation.

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