What to Do After the College-Acceptance Letter Arrives

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Early college acceptance letters are starting to trickle in, and now comes the daunting part for students: making the decision that will ultimately affect the next four years of their lives--and beyond! 

According to a new 2019 College Admissions Report, more than 99% of students who responded got into at least one college, and about half got into at least four colleges. A quarter of them had their pick of more than six colleges. How do students narrow it down?

So they’ve been accepted, now what? We tapped the pros at, Niche, the #1 site for researching colleges around the nation, for their top "so they’ve been accepted, now what?" tips.

  • Compare financial aid: One of the perks with early acceptance is that there’s plenty of time to see what you’ve been offered financially. Sit down with family members or a counselor and compare financial aid packages, potential grants and scholarships. And never undervalue yourself: private schools are known for their competitive nature and may offer extra incentives if you tell them you’re on the fence between them and another school.
  • Learn from current and former students: What better way to get to know a place than by talking with those who attend, especially if you’re torn between a few schools? If you’re on campus, stop a few students to ask them how they are liking the school, or visit a site that touts student reviews. Getting reviews directly from students is a good way to spot red flags that might knock a school out of the running.
  • Learn more about life after graduation: It’s never too early to see where your college and degree may take you. Sites like Niche offer a peek behind the curtain of post-college life, showing things like median earnings, job placement and student debt to get a better sense of life after the 4-year bubble.

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