Top 5 Tree-Trimming Tips

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My family just got our first real Christmas tree. Now that we're in our own humble home, we wanted to start a new holiday tradition and ditch the faux fir for a pretty pine-scented piece of nature. 

It was so fun going to the Christmas tree farm and picking out "the one." We've yet to finish decorating her, but she's tall and full and green and gorgeous, and we're excited to enjoy her natural glory (and fresh fragrance!) all month long.

xmas tree farm

Of course, as real-tree newbies, we were a little clueless. Lucky for us, the pros at Stew Leonard’s gave me some top tree-trimming tips before we headed out on our family's venture. Stew receives daily shipments of fresh, hand-sheared Christmas trees from family-owned tree plantations found just 25 miles north of the U.S. border in the province of Quebec, Canada. Better yet, every customer buying their tree at Stew’s receives a complimentary fresh cut and will have their tree tied to their car--(my personal tip: bring a moving blanket so you don't scratch up the top of your vehicle!) 

If you're planning a trip to the tree farm this weekend or going to Stew Leonard's, take mind of these five tips from the experts!

  • Buy a tree that is one foot shorter than your ceiling to allow enough room to top the tree with a star or angel.
  • To check freshness, remove a needle and bend it in half. If the needle gives but doesn’t snap, the tree is fresh!
  • Before taking your tree home, get a fresh cut of at least ½-inch to 1-inch to eliminate the heaviest build-up of sap and make it easier for the tree to take up water in the stand. Also make sure to get the bottom branches trimmed to allow for at least six-inches of the trunk to stand comfortably in the tree stand.
  • Customers should never shave the bark off their tree; the tree actually “drinks” through the bark, not the stump. Add a formula like Stew’s Miracle Tree to the tree stand. It replenishes the tree’s nutrients immediately. Simply fill the tree stand. (Add one part formula to two parts warm water.)
  • When you get home, place your tree away from a heat source and direct sunlight and keep your tree hydrated with Miracle Tree and plenty of water..

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