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The Potential Consequences of Too Much Screen Time

The Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Believe you me, Mama... when it comes to screen time, I don't judge. I try to give my kids plenty of play time, fresh air, and creative outlets, but sometimes, when you have emails to reply to, dinner to cook, and other pressing to-dos to tend to, you've just got to plop those kiddos down in front of the TV, the laptop, or the tablet. It's a sign of the times and an inevitability... Of course we try to limit that coveted screen time but sometimes an hour slips by and, oops, they're still watching Disney XD. 

But here's something to think about: nearly 40% of children spend at least three hours per day on digital devices. What's more kids are increasingly learning how to use technology before they can walk and talk? (My little ones knew how to swipe left before they knew how to take steps!) 

While it is great that our children will be tech-savvy from birth, according to a recent survey, 70% of parents surveyed are worried how too much screen time will impact their children. 

The How Too Much Screen Time Affects Kids study sheds light on the risks of allowing children to spend too much time with technology.

Three common consequences:

  • Digital Addiction: Winning a video game releases dopamine similar to drug, gambling and sexual addictions.
  • Nearsightedness has increased from 25% to 41% in the last 30 years and too much screen time and not enough sunlight are key reasons.
  • Dry Eye Syndrome can be caused by blinking 60% less when using a digital device.

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What you can do to mitigate these risks:

Use the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at something 20 feet away.

Put Away the Phone at Meal Times: No excuses, no exception. The dinner table is no place for your cell phone. Enjoy your face-to-face time together sans technology.

Encourage Old School Fun: Books (ya know the kind with paper!), non-digital board games, and crafts will keep kids happily occupied. They'll forget all about the computer and video games.

Set Up a Child-Friendly Work Station: When your children do use the computer, make sure it's an a 15-degree angle and adjust the height for optimal viewing.

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