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The Baby Swing That Senses Crying

The Graco Sense to Soothe Swing Will Keep Baby's Happily Moving (or Napping)

When it comes to baby gear, I tend to keep it simple. After all, infants don't really need that much. Okay, that's a loaded statement, and it comes with some complex caveats. But, in reality, a newborn's basic requirements are rather rudimentary. Anything too high-tech seems excessive, expensive, and, ultimately, unnecessary.

So, needless, to say when I learned about the Graco Sense2Soothe Swing with Cry Detection Technology, I was skeptical... but curious. A swing that detects crying and adjusts its speed and motion? Is that really necessary? With my first two kids, I had your regular old-school swing and bouncer; you select the speed and it does its thing. It keeps Baby occupied for a few precious minutes and when she's done, she's done; time to pick her up and move on to the next activity. Could this cry detection technology actually buy me more minutes? I felt it my editorial duty to find out. So in the name of research (and the potential byproduct of me-time), I put the Sense2Sooth to test.


But before I tell you whether this piece of baby gear is a must or a bust, let me tell you what it promises to deliver:

The new Graco Sense2Soothe Swing with Cry Detection Technology features a special built-in microphone that's designed to hear Baby's cries and respond by automatically adjusting its settings. With 8 soothing motions, 3 different speeds, and 15 songs and sounds, it works to find the right combination to calm your baby. The swing also has an option for Parent Mode that allows a caregiver to save baby’s favorite soothing settings, It can be used like a traditional swing when the Cry Detection mode is turned off.

The Sense2Soothe Swing also features a multi-direction seat that doubles as a portable rocker (you can detach), 2 vibration settings, 3 position recline and an AC Adapter.


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So what's the verdict? Does it work?

The Sense2Soothe swing was one of the first pieces of gear we used at home with our new addition. We called it (and continue to call it) her "bucket,"since it's a cozy and plush place to place her throughout the day. In the first two months, this was her primary day-napping spot. The motion would keep her settled and content for a solid two hours! (Of course, her snooze time was always supervised. And, FYI, there is, of course, a five point harness you'll want to use for safety purposes.)

As my Little is getting older, her swing is growing with her. She can sit more upright and loves interacting with the hanging mobile toys. She enjoys the songs, and will happily play in there and observe her big siblings in action for a substantial chunk of time--that's cluth for this busy mama.

And as for the cry detection? It's incredible! I admit it: technology for the win! The first time I witnessed it in action, I couldn't believe my eyes (and ears). Baby Girl started fussing, and all of a sudden the swing picked up speed and volume; and, within seconds, her crying ended! Funny story: one night, when she was in her swing, my son started whining about something across the room, and the swing "heard" him, and reacted.

Yep, it's that good... This is a basic baby-gear must-have with elevated technology. Not only does it help soothe Baby, it earns Mommy more time to get things done--and that's a win-win worth the price tag in my book.


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