I've written a lot posts about fighting the good fight when it comes to diet and fitness. I don't think we have to be less fabulous--inside or out--as we age. As time marches on, we have to be proactive about our health. That means making smart food decisions and NOT letting weight creep on over time. I've come up with some smart solutions for women to feel and look fabulous.

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Smarter Diet Tips for Busy Moms

Years ago I shared my 10 tips for losing weight after the kids arrive. It was a popular post and a popular video. Now I've got a few more tidbits to share. Four ways for moms to diet smarter:

  1. Carry a chic water bottle: Often our thirst is masked as hunger. When you've got a cute water bottle by your side you're more likely to use it, stay hydrated and avoid the afternoon munchies.
  2. Wear a pedometer: My competitive nature kicks in when I wear my Microsoft Band. Seeing my steps rack up makes me happy--and If I'm close to a milestone (let's say 10,000 steps) I am inspired to keep moving.
  3. Invest in a Smart Scale: The newest scales can help track a variety of health readings and give you a better assessment on your overall wellness. Weight is just one piece of data. The more you know, the better equipped you are to stay healthy. Get the Renpho Smart Scale on Amazon here.
  4. Add Fish Oil Supplements: I want to keep up my level of fitness, so I use fish oil supplements because they support heart and joint health. According to WebMd, Fish oil is an excellent way to obtain the omega fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Both EPA and DHA support healthy circulation in the body. Adding a supplement is a simple way to tell my body "thank you" for all the hard work it puts in. If I can't work out, it's really hard to maintain my weight and level of fitness. Supplements are an investment in me, and yes, I'm worth it!
  5. Workout harder: I know, you are like me and likely struggling to find time for everything. Good news, I'm not talking about working out LONGER, I'm talking about working out HARDER. To do this, add in jumping rope to your weight workouts. In between using free weights, do 1 minute reps of jump rope to boost your workout. Also consider adding sprints to your run. Once or twice a week add in five sets of 1-minute sprints. It will boost your metabolism AND make you faster.

A Better Scale to Track Your Fitness

Having the right tools on hand to track your fitness can really help. Here's why we love this new body composition scale.

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Smarter Diet Tips for Busy Moms

Why you need a better scale

As I mentioned in the video, I haven't owned a scale in decades. But as I approach 50 and spend less time in the gym, I need an option at home that will help me track my health goals. The RENPHO Body Fat Scale Weight Bathroom Smart Digital Bluetooth Scale is a great partner in my quest to stay healthy in this next decade. 

This scale gives you an accurate weight reading, and will also supply your body fat, BMI, Bone Mass, and dozens of other health readings. The scale works with an app on your smart phone to keep all your data at your fingertips. 

Get the Renpho Scale on Amazon here.


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Smarter Diet Tips for Busy Moms

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