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Side Hustle Opportunities for Moms

#BeautyBoss Time Management and Goal Setting Tips from Avon Representatives
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You know I am a big believer in female entrepreneurs. The whole reason I wrote Mom Boss was to help empower other women to take the leap and start a side hustle or full-time business. Long before my time, Avon was making side hustle opportunities for moms. They are the ultimate social selling job and they've been around for more than 130 years. 

This week I got to meet up with a few Representatives within the Avon family who are part of the #beautyboss movement. These real-life "beauty bosses" are women (most of them moms) winning at work life balance.

Let's Meet the Avon Beauty Bosses

Donna Reid-Mitchell hails from Dallas, Texas by way of Jamaica. With her two children as her top priority, she knew she wanted to work for herself and work for an at-home business like Avon. Donna’s Avon career also allows her to actively pursue her passion to help others by providing makeovers to cancer survivors both in the U.S. and in Jamaica. In two years she has done over 200 makeovers – all with Avon products. For Donna, it’s about touching the lives of others in a positive way and she does it with her expertise in skincare and makeup that she learned as being a Certified Beauty Advisor through Avon.

Ivanna Diaz is a second-generation Avon Rep. Inspired (and mentored) by her mom, she joined as a Representative when she turned 18. Now 25, Ivanna quickly became financially independent and invested a lot into building her business - from social media marketing to word-of-mouth to setting up fundraisers. Considered her "side hustle" as she worked other full time jobs, Avon soon became the main source of her income - including funding for her honeymoon! Seeing the success of her Avon business, Ivanna's husband now helps her as a co-owner, building a team of 280+ members and reaping the rewards of being best sellers. Who says millennials don't hustle!


Here's proof that you don't need to be a traditional extroverted sales type to succeed! Linda Montavon describes herself as shy, when she first started with Avon. Since joining Avon, this knock-out has opened up. As a busy multitasker, Linda is completely realistic about balance and knows women need solutions, not complications.

I adore that Avon is a multi-generation opportunity! Lydia Osolinsky's mother put her and her brother through college on her Avon sales! Lydia never thought she would follow in her career steps. That was until she realized how adaptable it was - working your own hours, maintaining your own work/life balance, and being a key member of her community are just a few of the benefits. Constantly evolving her business and adapting to trends, now a mother of two, she loves the control she's taken of her career. 

Check out the Beauty Boss Life

I wanted to know what motivates these women and how they get it all done. The five us us gathered in Hearst Tower in NYC to swap war stories and share tips. In addition to swooning over their Avon wardrobes and makeup products, I came away with some share-worthy tips. 

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10 Tips for Managing Your Side Hustle

1. Write it Down: Ivanna says, "I live through my planner." Schedule each hour with intention. Be sure to factor in travel time and time to take care of you! Schedule those workouts and networking coffee dates. If you don't write them down, they won't happen.  

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2. Set Alarms: Push yourself to stay on task for bursts of time. Log off of your social media accounts and set an alarm for your work.

3. Keep Office Hours: Even if you are working from your dining room table, as Donna Mitchell is, set defined work hours. This way your family will know when you are "at work" and your productivity will be boosted. Conversely, have a set time when you close up shop for the day. Remember the benefit of being a WAHM is getting to enjoy your family.

4. Incentivize your Family: Avon often rewards top sellers with trips and gift cards. Let your family know what's in it for them! Not only will they be supporting you as you live out your passions, but they will be helping the whole family enjoy the benefits of an additional income. Spell it out for them! Lydia just earned Disney gift cards she's using for a holiday trip.

5. Bucket Activities: Linda Montavon looks at Google maps before she sets up her day. When she has a meeting, she purposefully looks for other contacts in the area to set up appointments and runs errands in that part of town. It saves both time and money!

6. Look at the Big Picture: While your phone may be great for day-to-day appointments, it's not going to show you where you've got free space or when you are WAY over-scheduled. Linda also relies on a large month-at- a-glance calendar.

7. Prep the Night Before: Lydia Osolinsky has two young girls (ages 2 and 6), and mornings can be chaotic (sound familiar?). Like me, she doesn't want to leave things to the last minute. From lunches, to homework to outfits...she gets as much ready the night before as possible.

8. Have a Call List: Lydia is master of finding small pockets of time to call her clients and network. She keeps a running list of who she needs to reach out to. When she finds a chunk of time in the school pick up line, she starts making those calls.

9. Video Chats: Ivanna uses Facebook and Zoom video chats to keep in touch with her team. All the ladies stress the importance of face-to- face meetings, but in a pinch, video conferencing and social media can be a great way to keep your team motivated and share ideas.

10. Set Goals: It's no surprise that these four successful women are all goal oriented. They all believe in the power of setting and sharing their goals. "I share my goals with my kids," says Donna. Her whole family pitches in to make the business work. And they all benefit from her achievements. Donna believes in the power of a goal pyramid. She starts with her bi-weekly goals and then builds a 90 day goal and finally a year goal. Along the way, there are multiple opportunities for Avon rewards and incentives, but Donna also builds in her own. A special treat from Tiffany’s is the reward that Donna gives herself, and she's very motivated! "I don't want to disappoint me!"

BONUS TIP: Ask for support! Whether you are a single mom who needs to ask a grandparent or BFF to lend a hand OR a mom working from home with a partner, no mom boss can do it all ALL THE TIME. Linda says, "You can ask someone else to make dinner!"

Mom Boss TIPS: Head here to see a list of our favorite apps to help with mom life.

A big thank you to all these magnificent Beauty Bosses for their tips and wisdom! If you are considering a side hustle, be sure to check out Avon's opportunities, here:

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