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Don't you think Santa gets tired of eating cookie after cookie after cookie of his own likeness? There are only so many million bearded chocolate chip, sugar, butter and gingerbread confections the big guy can consume in one busy night. 

I have to think he'd like a few hundred thousand of us to shake it up... Maybe consider leaving him something a little original for a midnight treat--you know, to break up the Christmas Eve Santa-face cookie monotony. Bonus: you'll love these delightful desserts, too! Playful and festive, these St. Nick-inspired goodies will be a hit this holiday. 


Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites via Sprinkle Some Fun

Santa Suit Cake With Cream-Cheese Frosting via Country Living

Easy Santa Cupcakes via Preppy Kitchen

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Upside Down Santa Cake Pop via Cake Ideas

Ready-to-Make Santa Hot Cocoa via More With Less Today

Santa-Coat Rice Krispies via My Food and Family

Santa-Grinch Fruit Kebabs via Selene Fruit

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