Socks and Sips: Cuddle Up on the Couch

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cuddly wine socks

Netflix and chill... When I say it, I really mean it. No hidden messages, no insinuation; just quiet time to binge on episodes and indulge in wine. Ahhhh, guilty pleasure, minus the guilt. 

Actually, my TV program of choice is perhaps slightly cringe-worthy (in the best way possible) and not even a Netflix pick. I've been watching The Bachelor since season one (when I wasn't even old enough to legally sip vino). 

Fast forward some 22 seasons and I still love to curl up on the couch on Monday nights in my jammies and watch 25 girls vie for the heart of one eligible bachelor. 

Seriously though, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise (depending on what iteration is airing) gives me something to look forward to when Monday creeps along.

So, will you accept this rosé? Why, yes. Yes, I will! Pour me a hearing glass and Door-Dash me some delivery... It's time to cuddle up on the couch in my plush robe and my cozy socks. 

Oh yeah, socks are part of the allure. The message-sock trend has definitely become part of the viewing party fun (especially when you have a bestie or sister to play footsie with). 

Have you seen these message socks popping up on Instagram? They're so fun and playful, and isn't that what girls' night (slash Bachelor night!) is all about?

To celebrate Monday (and JanuArie, for all my fellow fanatics!), I've rounded up a few favorite message socks with a beverage pairing of choice... Enjoy the "journey," and happy viewing!

wine socks

Wear: Bring Me Wine Socks; $10; Sip: A full Cabernet, a crisp rosé, or a buttery Chardonnay.

beer o clock socks

Wear: Twisted Twee Beer O-clock Socks, $23; Sip: Your brewski of choice!

chocolate socks

Wear: Nordstrom Chocolate Socks, $15; Sip: Hot cocoa.

feed me pizza socks

Wear: Etsy Feed Me Pizza Socks, $13; Sip... Scratch that... Eat: Pizza.

starbucks socks

Wear: Etsy Bring Me Starbucks Socks, $14; Sip: A grande half-caff vanilla latté. 

lets sleep in socks

Wear: Francesca's Let's Sleep in Socks, $16; Sip: Warm milk.

squad goals socks

Wear: Squad Goals Socks, $7; Sip: La Croix


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