I'm going to admit something quasi shameful: tonight, in an act of total desperation, I ate a heeping scoop of raw chocolate-chip cookie dough. (And not the kind that's meant for eating out of the jar.) I know, I'm a monster.

It's just that I desperately needed something sweet and decadent and chocolatey, and I didn't want to go through the effort of plopping perfectly round balls of dough on a sheet. Okay, that is beyond lazy; the actual truth is that I didn't want to wait the 12 minutes it takes to actually bake them in the oven followed by the obligatory five minutes of cooling time. So, yeah, I risked salmonella for a quick sugar rush.

I felt guilty about going for round two, so you know what I did? I plopped a spoonful into a cup and threw it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Honestly, I don't even know if that was long enough to kill the potential bacteria, but it abated my sudden panic. And then I was caught red-handed.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" 


Eh-hem. Anyway, lest you want to stoop to my pitiful level, there are much in-a-pinch better alternatives. Safer alternatives. But equally easy alternatives! All it takes is a quick Google search, a few simple ingredients, and a tiny bit of patience. If you can fester some up--which apparently, I cannot. I rounded up a few delicious and super-easy dessert-mug recipes. They all require minimal ingredients and time--because, sometimes you just got to satisfy that hankering fast!

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You can make lots of different desserts in 60 seconds (give or take) in your microwave.

One-Minute Vegan Double-Chocolate Cake via Chocolate Covered Katie

Cinnamon Nut Mug Cake via Budget Bytes

3-Ingredient Peanut-Butter Mug Cake via Listotic

Vanilla-Confetti Cake via Just So Tasty

Mug Coffee Cake via The Typical Mom

Keto Microwave Cheesecake via Onion Ring and Things

Microwave Chocolate-Chip Cookie via 40 Aprons

Nutella Mug Cake via Just So Tasty

Strawberry Cake in a Mug via the Typical Mom

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