#Loveoverbias what does that mean to you?

Dreaming a little bigger for the 2018 Olympic games with P&G
Love over bias

I couldn’t be more excited that the Olympic Games start in three months. I’m ready to cheer and cry. Each year I can’t wait to go along for the victories and the losses. Maybe it’s because I’m raising two ski racers of my own, maybe it’s because I’m a mom and I know what ALL moms go through when it comes to helping kids pursue their dreams. I simply can’t get enough!

To start off our Olympic Game Coverage I am teaming up with P&G’s Thank You, Mom program to start telling the stories of the athletes and their moms.


This year, P&G Thank You, Mom is talking about #LoveOverBias. I flew to Cincinnati to meet Nick Goepper, Slopestyle Olympic medalist, and his mom Linda to talk about bias and to join the fun at the Team USA WinterFest (a 13-stop, interactive festival that will crisscross the country to bring the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 to different cities). I'm going to share my interview with the Goepper's soon, right now, I want to talk about how we view athletes and each other.


Bias isn’t just against religion, race and sexuality, it can also be based on socio-economic status, gender and a wide variety of other factors that make us different.. When brave companies like P&G make a stand against bias with the power of their brands’ reach, real change happens. There becomes room for athletes like US freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy to bravely make his sexuality an open conversation. And there becomes room for women like Zahra Lari, a Muslim athlete to be the first woman to compete in skating while wearing a hijab.

Holiday Lights in Cincinnati


My daughter and I flew to Ohio to join in the Midwest celebration of Team USA. There was an open-air festival to generate excitement for the games and for families to meet athletes like Nick Goepper and get into the Olympic Games spirit.

I talk to my girls a lot about sports. I'm trying to raise girls that are thoughtful and competitive and full of grit. Nothing teaches grit like learning about the sacrifices and struggles of young kids trying to be the best in the world at a sport.

While we were in Cincinnati we had some down time to head to the Zoo Lights festival and eat some Graeter's ice cream. As we made our way around the city, I explained to my daughter why we were there. Our job was to tell the stories of the athletes and to connect Team USA further to kids and families.

Museum Hotel


Over breakfast at the super-cute 21C Museum Hotel (where you never know when you'll meet a penguin!), we talked about questions to ask the athletes and about all of the obstacles they need to overcome to make it to the Olympics.

I stressed to her that to compete at this level it takes, determination and a lot of support from parents. These are the stories I want to tell. I think she understands my mission, and why I partner with P&G and their brands. It's how we can help the athletes get closer to their goals.

teamusa winterfest


The Team USA WinterFest is touring the country right now, and is a great way to get into the spirit of the Olympics. We made buttons at the P&G booth (and picked up some Puffs) and we signed a HUGE banner for the athletes cheering them on.

While in the booth, my daughter scored an autographed photo of Nick Goepper and posed with me for some selfies - she's a good sport! Now that we both know more about Nick and some of the other athlete's, the Olympic games will be even more important to us.

Good Luck Tem USA


As we watch the Olympic Games this year, let’s all try to look beyond our bias. I want to think about all the sacrifices moms and athletes make to get their moment to compete. Moms, this one’s for you.

The conversation couldn’t be timelier. When we think of winter athletes, we often think of wealthy, white men on snow with pearly white teeth. Or we think of the lithe, petite, ice princess twirling on skates. As a mom of a two female athletes, I want to dig a little deeper.

I agree with P&G that there’s space for everyone in sports. #Loveoverbias is packed with meaning. If you haven’t seen the kick off video, take a moment and watch it now.

I’m so excited that the 2018 Olympic Games are helping us redefine what an athlete is. Room being made on the podium for kids that might not have thought they belonged. For these Olympic Games, let’s look beyond the color of skin, religious beliefs, economic situations and sexual orientation. 

Let’s cheer for athletes for what they’ve done and the joy they bring us, and of course for the moms who got them there with love and sacrifice. 

To learn more about the Love Over Bias movement head to P&G Everyday here https://www.pgeveryday.com/tag/loveoverbias

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