Working out is not about wearing oversized t-shirts and old sweat pants. It's about comfort and even style to help you to perform your best. We were lucky enough to get a preview of Hyde Yoga shorts and put them to the test. They're one of our favorite things for Spring, but roll into a tiny package to throw on just before you hit your first down dog right now.


These shorts are super soft and comfy with a drawstring waist over an elastic band thick enough to avoid the dreaded muffin top and keep them up should the drawstring let you down. They have front pockets that are large enough to carry your house keys and some cash, but not so large that they get in the way while you're Yoga-ing. The pockets also give them a casual look that makes them translate well from the studio to the street, something we'??re always on the look out for. Our studio manager, Ashley loved the black as a quick, easy match for her Yoga wardrobe. I opted for the army green to suit my earthy Yoga duds and make them feel less like 'work-out' wear.

Yoga shorts tend to be super short which can be a "don't" for many of us and completely kill any possibility of wearing them to run errands after class. Here's the fix- these short come with a drawstring leg which allows you to vary the length and tightness of the leg. I tied them tight for class (no one wants to give it all away during a 3 legged dog'?¦) then loosened them for teaching clients after. They went from functional and slightly sassy to perfectly comfortable and stylish with the pull of a string.

The bottom line, I'd wear these on a weekend outing with the kids, hiking or of course to my favorite Yoga class. Go Hyde!

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