How to Up Your Popcorn Game

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Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day--and if there's one fake snack holiday we can get behind it's this one! As a bonus, it's on a Friday which is already movie night in our house--so we might as well call it a celebration!

Yes, we could just throw a basic bag in the microwave, but I'm going to up the ante in the spirit of foodie fun. Here are three corny ways to enjoy National Popcorn Day and elevate your game!

Pop and Sip 

pop and wine copy

Yes, popcorn and wine make a great combo! And if you add Netflix, you pretty much have my ideal evening in a nut shell... or should I say in a popcorn kernel? Here's a fun pairing guide!

Make It a Seriously Indulgent Treat

chocolate pop

Who needs fancy store-bought popcorn snacks when you can make your own?! This raspberry chocolate popcorn is the right combination of salty, sweet, and tart! Get the recipe.

Add All Sorts of Spices

buff pop

You might naturally think salt and butter, but you can try a variety of profiles to spice up your popcorn from cilantro and lime to buffalo ranch! Heck, serve all of the above and call it a DIY popcorn bar. Now, that's how you celebrate National Popcorn Day. 

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