There's something magical professional fireworks. Every Fourth of July, we take the kids to our beach, where we, not only see the local show, but also catch a faraway glimpse of the surrounding towns' explosive productions. It's an incredible sight to be seen, and it's especially awesome when you're surrounded by community friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Of course the beauty up in the sky is never quite adequately captured on camera. It seems nearly impossible to snag an Instagram-worthy shot of the colorful sky mid fireworks. So we reached out to our friends at Karen Haus Photography for the expert tips. Turns out, you don't need a fancy expensive camera; there are a few simple tips to help you get a gorgeous and vibrant photo.

How to take the perfect firework photo from your phone

1. Stabilize the phone on the ground, or with a tripod (or with very hands).
2. Turn off the flash, digital zoom, HDR (or auto-HDR).
3. Tap the screen to focus on the firework you want to capture which will
therefore set the automatic focus and exposure for the firework and not the
night sky
4. Take photos in burst to capture multiple images to have multiple images
to pick through!


Sound easy enough. So get out that iPhone and snag some beautiful memories tomorrow. Happy Fourth!

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