How to Stop the Drop-Off Drama

Help Your Little One Easily Transition From Home to Daycare
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I remember my son's first morning at day-care like it was yesterday. He had just turned one, and, after 12 month of attempting to balance baby and work, I needed help. I was excited to drop him off and pick up the slack at my home office. Unfortunately, drop off did not come without its own drama. He was a hysterical mess, and I was too! The look of devastation on his sweet little face when I walked out the door made me feel like an utter failure--how could I possibly feel eager to ditch him for a few hours. Needless to say, I felt guilty the whole rest of the day until it was time to collect my little guy. Of course, come 5 PM he was a super happy and playful and had no interest in his own mama... "Imma just stay here today, m'kay?" 

It was the transition that was hard for my babe. He was happy at home and happy at daycare--he just didn't like to disrupt his happy little routine. 

I know a lot of parents have similar stories. After all, separation anxiety is a natural part of development. But how parents respond sets children up for successful drop-off experiences at day care, school, sleepovers, summer camp and beyond.

We're long past the daycare drop-off drama. My now five year old walks into Kindergarten like he owns the place; but I know many mamas out there are looking for ways to conquer those frustrating bouts of separation anxiety. To help, I reached out to the experts at Kiddie Academy, a nationwide leader in educational childcare. They shared a few simple tried and true tips for creating a reliable and consistent drop-off routine. They have a lot of experience helping parents get comfortable with the so that it becomes a smooth and routine for parents and children. 


· Time it Right – Schedule morning drop-off after a breakfast since your child will be more susceptible to separation anxiety when tired, hungry or sick.

· Expect Some Tears – Be flexible, this might be a big transition for your child and patience goes a long way to helping them through it.

· Never Sneak Away – It’s hard on every working parent to say goodbye to their kids, but sneaking away can cause additional anxiety for little ones

· Emphasize Short & Sweet – The best goodbyes are short and upbeat, don’t linger with any “sweet sorrows”

This is not a sponsored post. Tips were provided by Kiddie Academy experts. 


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