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Moms Overspend

New research released from Cartonomy, a social shopping cart that is the smarter, hassle-free approach to group shopping online, found that when shopping with or for their families, more than half (60%) of moms never make it out of a store without overspending.

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As part of its “2014 Shop of Mom Report,” Cartonomy commissioned research firm YouGov to study the views of mothers who make the shopping decisions in their household, revealing that 42 percent of moms said they often buy unnecessary items when shopping for their families. To break it down even further, one in four of these moms who indicated that they made unplanned purchases find themselves overspending by at least $50 each time they check out, with seven percent of that group unable to leave a store without dropping another unplanned $100 – so of these moms surveyed who overspend on unplanned items, if they were to go shopping on a weekly basis, one in four (26 percent) will overspend by an average of at least $2,600 per year. While the concept of collaborative group shopping may sound simple enough, why are moms habitually wasting so much money?

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The “2014 Shop of Mom Report” also provided further insight into parents’ attitudes on shopping for the family:

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  • Problem Child(ren): One in four moms (25 percent) whose kids create conflicts during family shopping trips end up wasting at least an extra half hour each trip, which equates to more than a full day (26 hours) lost a year if they shop on a weekly basis with their kids.
  • Power in Numbers: Out of those Americans who could be encouraged to group shop online, 64 percent would feel more inclined if they were guaranteed to get the best deals or special online-only deals, while 39 percent would be more inclined if members of their group could add items to a single shopping cart on their own time and from their own devices.
  • Seal the Deal with Price Comparison Sites: More than one in four moms (28 percent) overlook significant deals when they shop as a family, as a result of being rushed by their children or wanting to get to check out as quickly as possible to avoid potential conflicts.
  • 42% of moms frequently buy unplanned/unnecessary items when shopping for their families, with one in four of these moms overspending by at least $50 each time they check out – this means a loss of at least $2,600 annually if they go shopping on a weekly basis
  • One in four moms (25%) have kids who create conflicts during family shopping trips and end up wasting at least an extra half hour each trip, equating to more than a full day (26 hours) lost a year if they shop on a weekly basis with their kids

“It’s time to give the power and control back to household decision makers,” said Lowinger. “Have you ever met a mom who found creating and shopping for what’s on her list empowering or easy? We didn’t think so. We want moms to know that they can use Cartonomy to save money by pre-approving and comparing prices on their kids' purchases, giving them a form of access control to help their whole family shop smarter without unpleasant surprises when the bills arrive. Overall, collaborative group shopping online is a much more viable alternative to routine family shopping trips to physical retail stores, as it helps moms navigate around costly unplanned purchases or unexpected delays. It is also a great way to take the benefits of online shopping to the group level, opening mom’s shopping cart to the whole family without the need to share logins or credit card numbers.”


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