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A year and a half into the working from home and overseeing remote school, I have to admit, it's been rough. I've been battling both mental and physical exhaustion and become a champion of self care for moms. One thing I know, we've got to make our health a priority. I've been making some shifts in my diet and I want to share how to sip your way to a stronger immune system with For the Biome.

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How to Sip Your Way to A Stronger Immune System

How Infusions Work

You probably think of pills and powders when you think of health supplements. Infusions are something different. They are little sachet bags of herbs loaded with goodness. For the Biome delivers solutions for mind, body and microbiome. They believe that the wellbeing of everything is connected. They've made herb sachets that are steeped in water like tea, that are then enjoyed warm and provide natural supplements to support your immune system. 

It’s a new healthy habit you can easily adopt. Rather than loading up on morning caffeine, you can sip something delicious to give your body the immune support it needs every day. These infusions are more potent than tea and work to quickly absorb in your system to start working.

The brand sources the highest whole-food quality ingredients for their infusions. Enjoy them hot (that's my favorite) or over ice. And unlike tea, you can reuse the Immune Therapy Infusion 3x! 

  • Immune Therapy Infusion: It's proven to strengthen your immune system within two hours. It features Cistus incanus, a Mediterranean herb that aids in immune support.
  • Stress Therapy Infusion: It's proven to reduce stress levels. This blend is designed to help you stay alert and focused throughout the day.
  • Gut-Lung Therapy: These pill-form supplements are formulated to support the connections between your gut, lungs and nervous system. They are Gut-Lung Therapy features made with a blend of mushrooms & other potent herbs, which are fermented to deliver potent pre & post-biotics. The formula is rounded out with the live probiotic super-strain, L. Plantarum DR7. blend that's rich in prebiotices to help your gut health. If you are looking for a way to smooth out your digestion, try these. Support digestion and healthy lung function with these carefully formulated supplements.
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If you have to pick just one, please invest in the Stress Therapy. My body responds beautifully to this blend of herbs and starts to decompress with the first sip. It has been a simple swap for my morning routine that's made a big difference.

For the Biome

What is the Microbiome

Wondering what all the focus on your "biome" is all about. I'm sure you've noticed more and more health professionals are talking about gut health. The human microbiome is the sum of all microbiota that reside on or within human tissues. These microorganisms contribute to metabolism, aging, behavior, colonization resistance, pathogen protection, and maturation of the immune system. They are a pretty big deal!

How to Sip Your Way to A Stronger Immune System

About For the Biome

For the Biome was started in 2021 by Paul Schulick, an esteemed herbalist with extensive background in the world of supplements (Paul founded the award-winning supplement company New Chapter, and was the supplement formulator there for decades). He's continued to study the most effective way to deliver health benefits to his community.

He's started with three products to strengthen your mind, body and microbiome. Unlike other supplements, For the Biome spends a ton on money on third-party lab testing.

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