With another heatwave headed our way next week, we’re doing everything we can to avoid the high temperatures--hiding at home in the AC, running the sprinklers, and inviting ourselves to every pool party on the block! Still, we have to run errands and get chores done and keep on keepin' on despite the heat, humidity, and high temps. But when the sun is strong, no place is worse than the car, which often gets too hot to handle (think burning seats and steering wheels!). Fortunately, we have a few key tips to help keep vehicles cool for the rest of the summer, so you can look forward to jumping in and heading to the beach!


·Using the automatic starter! If your car-key fob features an automatic start button, now is the time to use it (okay, and winter too!). Keep the air conditioning running in your car and then start it two minutes before you're about to leave to cool things down. My funny little lady doesn't always dress herself in seasonally appropriate clothes and gear (this was snapped on a 92-degree day); fortunately, the car was nice and crisp when she climbed in.

· Using those windows! At the very least, crack your car windows to allow air circulation throughout the vehicle. If your car has window vents, use them to allow in fresh air. If you have a sunroof, and there’s no sign of rain in the forecast, leave it slightly for additional air ventilation!

· Pool towels to the rescue: If you’re heading home from the pool, cover those scorching seats with damp towels to cool them down! If you want to take it a step further, you can purchase aftermarket seat pads that contain cooling gel.

· Giving your AC some TLC: If your AC isn’t kept in tip-top shape, it may break down when it’s needed most. Make sure it has enough refrigerant (there are multiple types), has a clear air filter and that vents are clean!


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This is not a sponsored post. Tips 2 - 4 provided by Cars.com’s Editor-in-Chief Jenni Newman.

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