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Do you want to know how to curb your appetite with plant-based supplements? I knew you would! I’m sure I’m not the only mama who gets the munchies in the evening. And ever since I got the flu earlier this year, those munchies have become more of a problem. You see, I got back to back bouts of said flu toward the beginning of the year and they literally took me out of commission for over 3 months. I wasn’t able to get my daily runs in and my clean diet took a backseat to simply getting better. So, basically I ate whatever sounded good to me, which, frankly, wasn’t much beyond carbs. As a result, I put back on some weight that I had lost previously and it’s been a bit of a struggle to lose those pounds again.

calocurb plant based supplement

Now I’m not a huge over eater, but I do always tend to find myself wanting to snack in the evening. So, when I learned about how to curb your appetite with plant-based supplements, I was over the moon. Thanks to calocurb, my nighttime snack cravings have lessened and I’m on the way to losing those extra pounds and feeling great in my swimsuit again. Because you know what? This mama wants to thoroughly enjoy the rest of her summer. I don’t need to be stressing about my swimsuit body! I only have a few weeks left before my kiddos are back at school and I plan on spending the bulk of that time playing with them in the water! It’s time I get after that pool float life. Bwah!

summer pool fun

So, let’s talk about how the plant-based weight management supplement, calocurb, works. Because I’m willing to bet you too would love to stop focusing on those few extra pounds you’re packing and just have FUN this summer! To give you some context, I’ve been taking calocurb for a few weeks now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I typically take it after dinner and am now able to watch a movie or tv show in the evening without feeling like I have to have a snack next to me. Score! And sometimes I find myself wanting to get an extra yoga or pilates class in at night instead of riding the couch. Double score! 

Ok, now that you know how calocurb is helping me, here’s how it could help you... By activating a natural, response in your body calocurb sends a ‘stop eating’ signal to your brain. It’s been clinically shown to reduce your calorie intake by 20% or so at those meal and snack times. And it’s 100% plant based and doesn’t contain caffeine, stimulants or fillers. PLUS, it’s GMO-free, gluten free and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approved! And you’re probably wondering about the ingredients. Well, the active ingredients (there are only 4 - hops flower extract, rosemary extract, canola seed and a vegetarian capsule) are sourced in New Zealand and the final product you see is manufactured right here in the USA. I, for one, love seeing a supplement that’s not filled with a bunch of ingredients with mile long names that I have no clue about.

calocurb bottle

So, now that you know how to curb your appetite with plant-based supplements, why not add some more healthy recipes to your diet? We shared some of our favorite grilled salmon recipes recently and they make for perfect summer meals! Because while I’m loving calocurb as a supplement, it’s certainly not a replacement for other healthy lifestyle choices. I am definitely focusing on eating clean and logging in plenty of workouts!

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You can currently find calocurb in the USA and New Zealand, so if you’re ready to snag some of your own, head over to their website. And don’t forget to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This post is not intended to treat, diagnose or provide medical advice. calocurb is not intended for use by anyone under 18 years of age or for woman who are trying to get pregnant,

pregnant or nursing. As with any dietary supplement, concerned customers should consult their healthcare provider before using calocurb, especially those with a medical condition, who are taking medications, or have known adverse reactions or allergies.

Compensation was provided by calocurb. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of calocurb.

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