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How to Curb a Summer Cold


I don't know about you, but I'm so excited that the warmer months are finally here. It felt like an endless winter here in the suburbs of New York City, and, with a new baby at home, I was absolutely desperate to get outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy nature. It just takes a little bit of Vitamin D to get the crazies out of these kiddos--so we welcome late spring and early summer with open arms. 

This past weekend, I was pumped when I looked at the forecast: clear skies, sunshine, and temps in the high '70s (AKA bliss). We made plans to play, picnic at the park, and eat ice cream outdoors.... And then... 

My four year old came down with a raging cold--out of nowhere. We're talking mucus city. Thick snot running down her face, a raspy cough, and a climbing fever. She was miserable, and our plans, well, they went down the drain. 

Ah, the summer cold... Could it be more of a tease? 

With her preschool concert and graduation approaching the next week, I wanted to make sure she would be on the mend and feeling her best--so I took a few steps to speed up her recovery. 

Want to nip a nasty virus in the bud? Here's what you can do to try to expedite the course of a summer cold? 

1. Sleep, Snooze, Rest, and Relax

I personally believe that zzz's are the key to overcoming a cold. But it can be hard to get a little one to sleep when she's congested and uncomfortable. That why you should do everything you can to make the environment as conducive to rest and relaxation as possible. 

But how?

Stick to the Regular Bed Time. Even if she has taken unexpected naps due to her symptoms, don't thwart the regular hours. She needs the extra rest, and routine is still so important.

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Take Temperature Into Account. Dress her in light sleeves and long pants in case she gets a case of the chills in the middle of the night. A light blanket and slow-moving fan will keep her comfortable. 

Run the Humidifier! And not just any humidifier. I am obsessed with the BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier. It's the ultimate triple threat, acting as a moisture-infuser, essential-oil diffuser (you can use one to help relax), and a nightlight! 

The beautiful colored light will give your room a spa-like aura that is almost hypnotizing (I honestly find myself staring at it, too!) to help keep things calm and quiet.

Help Her Breath Easy with the aptly named Breathe Easy Kit from FridayBaby. It has everything you need to rid your little one’s nose of boogers, mucus and snot. BreatheFrida Vapor Wipes clean up boogies on-the-go, while the organic Vapor Rub is a no-mess chest balm to help your little love breathe better. Plus the organic Vapor Drops soothe with natural essential oils (use that in the humidifier!) that are safe for sensitive skin.

3. Get Fresh Air

You might think that you should stay inside to contain those germs. Alas, that is the opposite of what your little one needs. Fresh air is good for the body, mind, and soul--especially if it's a nice breezy day. (Maybe don't venture out to a public place, but enjoy your own backyard, sit on your front stoop for a bit, or go for a stroll.) My pediatrician always enforces this "rule." You'll see the snot dry up instantly when you walk outdoors on a nice spring, summer, or fall day.

4. Keep Them Hydrated

Even if she refuses solids, make sure to keep the liquids coming--especially water. Hydration is so important when your little one is down for the count. You can also supplement with juices, PediaLyte, and, when in doubt, Popsicles work magic on a sore throat.

5. Talk to Your Pediatrician 

We took a trip to our pediatrician this past round, because I was sure it was more than a virus. Alas, despite Mama's instinct, it was just a bad cold. 

Still, our pediatrician gave us the green light to give Motrin every six hours to alleviate her symptoms. Your doctor can tell you what to try for your child. A recommended cycle of medication can ensure she's feeling her best and help alleviate symptoms and promote sleep--so she will get better, faster.

Because, summer is fleeting... let's make sure this cold is too!

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