How to Choose a Babysitter

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With all of the crazy weather we have been having lately, you never know when a last minute snow day may pop up to change your best laid plans, leaving you stuck finding a last minute sitter for your kids. What if your go-to babysitter is unavailable, what if you are too scared to leave your kid with a stranger, but have no options? Knowing the top 5 questions to vet your babysitter and match your situation could make all of the difference.

Sara Snow, Busy Mom & CMO of Bambino, a free membership babysitting app that connects you to a community of recommended and community-trusted-sitters that are trusted by friends and families right in your own neighborhood shared her top five tips.


1. Consider their experiences in life as much as their experience level. Learning that she’s been babysitting for 5 years might not tell you as much as learning that she has 3 younger siblings that she’s always taken care of, or that she is captain of her soccer team and carries the responsibility of that.

2. You may think it’s completely necessary for your babysitter to be able to drive him/herself to and from your house, but it might not be. Most teenage babysitters have parents who are willing to drive them (in fact, they’d prefer it) or parents who are ok with you putting them in an Uber at the end of the night. This alleviates the end-of-night “who’s going to drive the sitter home” stress.

3. Your sitter’s rate is important, of course, but it might not be as big of a deal as you think. The difference between $12/hr and $15/hr might seem big, but when you realize it only adds up to a $10 difference, it might be worth hiring the older and more experienced sitter.

4. Don’t forget about what your kids need! You need someone who will be on time and keep your kids safe. But they might need someone who will play soccer or get messy in the kitchen. Or even an accounting major who can help with math homework!

5. Recommendations from a friend mean everything. You might be ok hiring a plumber off an online search but when it comes to someone who is going to be in your home, watching your children, you want to know what other parents in your own neighborhood have to say about her! In this case, nothing trumps a personal recommendation. 

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