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How to Banish Winter Boredom

Expert Tips From Eirene Heidelberger, GIT Mom

Eirene Heidelberger, GIT (Get It Together) Mom knows that the winter #struggleisreal--especially when you're stuck indoors with the kids. She's sharing her top tips to survive and thrive.

It’s winter. It’s cold. You’re going stir crazy being cooped up with your kids for days at a time. It feels like there is no end to the boredom. Well mamas, I’m here to tell you that you CAN survive the winter with your kids without losing your sh*t! The key is to make a plan and stick to it. Here are my GIT Mom approved survival tips for keeping your sanity in check:


Create a Routine For YOU

Demand solo time! I am my biggest cheerleader for solo time, and you must be too. I don't hope or wish I could have more time for myself, I plan it out and make it happen EVERY SINGLE DAY and I never cancel on myself. I tell my clients that no one else knows exactly what they need, so it's up to them to advocate for their needs and stand by them. I achieve this by setting a routine for myself. For example, I meditate before my kids wake up in the morning, and then I work until it’s time for me to switch into full mom mode. I also commit to moving my body every day, and I take a daily siesta to refresh my brain so I can be calm and ready to take on mom life. I follow this ME routine every day - I communicate it to everyone around me, I set the boundaries, and I expect everyone to respect them. The reality is, if a mom is rested and feels happy because she's taking care of herself, the family home will flow better and be more Zen.

It Takes Two

Don't assume it's your job to do it all, because it isn't. It took two to tango to create the baby. Get your partner involved from day one - plan and organize everything together. But remember, your partner is not a mind reader nor your knight in shining armor. SPEAK UP AND EMPOWER THEM! Team work, communication and a parenting plan of action are essential.

Plan Family Fun

I recommend having a family meeting and asking your children what they want to do with their spare time during the winter months. Let them take charge of planning their own schedule. For example, do they want to chill at home and watch TV on a particular day after school? Do they want to go to playdates or start a sport? Do they want to watch a movie on the weekend? Do they want to go to a museum? Winter is the best time to plan ahead TOGETHER as it gives you all something to look forward to. It also motivates your kids to take care of their chores because they know they are being rewarded with fun activities that they have chosen with you. You’ve empowered them by giving them ownership of their own schedule. This positive action will inspire positive behavior.

Embrace the Drop-Off Play Dates

If your kids are old enough to be dropped off for a playdate, then do it, do it, do it! Playdates are winter life-savers. In exchange, tell your bestie she can drop her kids at your house for an afternoon. Chances are the kids will entertain one another together so you can get some of your work done or take some much deserved me-time. Get everyone out of your house all at once and embrace the peace!

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Have a Winter Mantra

Create a mantra for yourself and say it everyday. Mine is, "I'm a really good mommy. Not just a good mommy, I am a really good one.“ At least once a day I think to myself, "Hot damn, you're a good mommy, Eirene!” And you know what? I listen to myself, I respect the words, and believe in them, because it’s the truth - my kids are happy and thriving. Positivity feeds positivity. During the moments I do truly suck, I roll through them with more ease, and stop myself from wallowing and wasting precious time second guessing the situation.

Hire Up!

Don’t try and do it all yourself, all the time. You cannot be your kids sole source of entertainment. Every time I get the bright idea that I won’t schedule anything for my kids and we will just“figure it out" the day doesn’t go so well. It’s usually amazing for everyone but me because I entertain them all day and don’t get a second to breathe. So don’t be ashamed to hire help. Try a mother’s helper, college student, babysitter, anyone and everyone! As long as they don’t put your kid in a chokehold or show them how to make hairspray torches (like mine did when I was younger!) you’re onto a winner.



Do you feel like you must always be doing something? Always engaging and teaching your little ones? Stop it! Just relax already. I promise your kids are thriving! Some days it’s okay to plan to do nothing. We love to have pajama jammie jam parties whenever we get the chance. The kids shower at 4pm, eat early dinner and hit the couch. If you ask me there's really no real reason to ever get off the couch. It’s our happy place! Luckily Orville Redenbacher and Netflix have us covered. Also, I always have my best friend, wine, with me.

You can do it!

About GIT Mom: Eirene Heidelberger is a nationally-renowned parenting expert and founder of GIT Mom (Get It Together, Mom!). Through GIT Mom’s 7-step method, Eirene empowers mothers and mothers-to-be by teaching a “mom-first” parenting approach. She is the only parenting coach in the country who advocates parenting techniques that puts the mother’s needs center stage.

As a mom of three boys, Eirene has experienced the same overwhelm and anxiety most mothers first feel with their children. Her firsthand experiences inspired her to create GIT Mom which has been embraced by hundreds of moms around the world.

Eirene is a mom motivator, parenting champion and all-around expert.

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