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This is a safe space, so can I admit something sort of personal? In the beginning of this whole shelter-in-place ordeal, I told my husband that we better be careful or we'd find ourselves with our very own pandemic pregnancy. Endless time home, together? I assumed we'd be spending lots of intimate, frisky-fun time together. (FYI, I'm blushing as I type)

Alas, it turns out that there is absolutely nothing sexy about avoiding a highly infectious disease--and wiping down delivered groceries, washing my hands incessantly until they crack and bleed, and playing the part of teacher, maid, and cook leaves me feeling less than amorous at the end of the day. 

Still, I want to prioritize this bonus time together, and return to feeling like my sexy self again. I'm just not sure where to start (besides, you know, shaving my quarantine legs!) So I reached out to a pro for her top tips. Dr. Lyndsey Harper, CEO of Rosy, the women’s sexual wellness app, shared her expert advice on how to rekindle the romance and spark the fire while stuck at home

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Put sex on the calendar: Make sure having sex is a priority, because not only does it create a bond with you and your partner, it also reduces stress and makes you happier. Many couples find success putting sex on the calendar, as parental priorities and working from home can often get in the way. Scheduling time for sex removes the tension and anxiety around when the next sexual experience will be, which puts you in control.

Change up your routine: Try switching up your sex routine to find little pockets of time to prioritize intimacy like waking up earlier before the kids, skipping the after dinner cleanup to have sex, or meeting your partner in the garage for a sexy rendezvous. Finding that time will help your and your partner maintain an intimate relationship and keep your connection stronger than ever. 

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Make time for yourself: Being stuck inside with your kids day after day can take a toll on you, and being around your partner 24/7 can be challenging for your relationship. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about how much “me time” you need, how often you’d like it, and what that time looks like. It’s also important during quarantine to focus on your own mental, physical, and sexual health, in order to stay healthy and strong, not only for yourself but also for your family.

Tap into physical touch: Touching, hugging, and cuddling are small gestures that can be done throughout the day and can help to reduce anxiety and even strengthen your immune system. Sex for some can mean any interaction that brings you and your partner pleasure, including touching.

Exercise for desire: During this time, it’s safe to go out in your neighborhood for a walk or a jog, and you can even bring the kids along. Exercise gets the blood flowing in your body and your genitals, boosts your mood, and reduces stress. Researchers have found that people who exercise for 20 minutes prior to having sex had more desire and overall improved sexual function.

Schedule a date night at home: While being stuck in quarantine can put a damper on romance, try to create a special moment with your partner by planning a date night to keep the spark alive. Some ideas that can involve the kids are challenging your partner to a cook-off, enjoying an indoor picnic, or hosting a family game or movie night. 

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This is not a sponsored post. Tips provided by Dr. Lyndsey Harper, CEO of Rosy

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