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I love fashion as much as the next Momtrends gal, but there's one not-so-stylish piece of apparel that I have a great affinity for: the ugly Christmas sweater.

There's something so freeing about donning a crazy, over-the-top, bedazzled, clashing, obnoxiously awesome and totally cozy top that screams holiday happiness and pride.

... Or not. This year, I opted for a Grinchy-green 'ugly' sweater. It's more ugly-cute than traditionally ugly--which means I've been able to wear it more throughout the season. (Win!)

We host or attend an ugly sweater holiday party the week between Christmas and New Year's (it keeps the festivities going during the mid-holiday lull). And, this year, I'm excited to debut my Grinch sweater and share a few fun and festively quirky ugly sweater finds.

Ugly Sweater Party
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Tips for Throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Want to host your own affair? It's super easy to throw together a last-minute ugly-sweater shindig with friends and family... and it's a perfect excuse for a post-Christmas, pre-New Year's get-together.

  1. Pick a Sweater  - Go big or go home... or opt for the subtle route. Like I said, this year, I went subtle. But I fully respect and bow down to those who go all out. Last year, the husband and I wore a two-headed his and hers sweater! But there are other, less intrusive, options like light-up sweaters, hysterical fidget spinner-adorned sweaters, 3D stuffed animal sweaters, and sweaters that incorporate your phone's screen! (Charge up.) I'm loving all the incredible options on And, of course, if you opt to go subtle, you can always accessorize with ugly sweater socks and light-up hats!
  2. Dress Your Drinks - Bedazzle your glasses and mugs with unique knit covers (a great alternative to wine charms! And, of course, if you're a guest bring a bottle of wine decked out in a charming ugly sweater cover.
  3. Bake It Till You Make It - I found this super-cute ugly-sweater cookie kit at my local CVS Pharmacy. It came with cookie mix, sweater-shaped cutter, red and green icing mixes, and candy decorations. If you're hosting, bake a big batch of these ugly-enough-to-eat treats (ha!), and have your guests each decorate their own. You can get fun cupcake toppers on Amazon too (note this is an affiliate link).
  4. Wine, Dine, and Color - I found ugly-sweater coloring books for less than $7... and I bought 12 as gifts for my guests! 
  5. Make it a Family Affair - You can throw a mini ugly sweater party with your minis too! There are lots of adorable options for the kiddos... and they'll be more than happy to keep the Christmas celebration going long past Dec. 25.


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