St. Paddy's Day Dinners

I'm not Irish... except on St. Patrick's Day. 

I love me a holiday that emphasizes food and beer--and St. Paddy's Day definitely goes heavy on the stouts and stews. So I'm happy to oblige.

My mom makes a mean corned beef and cabbage, and it's probably my favorite meal of the entire year, reserved for this festive March occasion. I get a loaf of bakery rye bread and eat leftovers for days. 

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Whether you love CB and C or want to shake things up at the dinner table, I've rounded up a few mouthwatering twists on traditional Irish meals for your St. Patrick's Day dinner. Enjoy!

6 Hearty and Delicious St. Paddy's Day Meals


1. Corned Beef and Cabbage Chowder via The Foodie Affair for a cold day this hearty dish is perfect.


2. Classic reuben Twist via Parade this cheesy dish is filling and will make your whole house smell amazing.


3. Traditional Slow-Cooked Corn Beef and Cabbage via The Cookie rookie this update on a classic is flavorful and rich.


4. Reuben Loaf via Me and My Insanity if you love grilled cheese, you'll adore this one.


5. Irish Beer Soup via A Spicy Perspective this one might be our favorite. The bread bowl is so festive.


6. Reuben Nachos via Jess Fuel if you are making a brunch this recipe will be ideal.

We hope one of these inspiring dishes helps you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with something warm and flavorful.


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