Did you know that February is American Heart Month? To focus on heart health this month, we are excited to share some tips from Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk of The Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Scottsdale about how you give your heart a boost this February and stay healthy year-round. I've put together a list of ways to make your health a priority this month for you and your family.

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8 Heart Health Tips for Moms

8 Heart Health Tips for Moms

Check out this list of actionable items. Some are easier than others, but it's a start. Baby steps are everything.

  1. Have some candy, well, actually have dark chocolate. Seven to 10 grams per day is what's recommended and the darker the better.
  2. Eat fish twice a week to get the right dose of Omega- 3 fatty acids. There's nothing fishy about the studies that prove these fatty acids decrease abnormal heartbeats and triglyceride levels.
  3. Have some cumin the spice is linked to lowering cholesterol health and weight loss.
  4. Relax and give yourself a break to help decrease stress. Take a moment to take deeps breaths...in through the nose, out through the mouth. 
  5. Use an activity monitor to see just how much you move each day. 
  6. Cut down on the sugars, as this can have a significant impact on your health in general and lead to better heart health.
  7. Exercise and get off your couch. Fitness is probably the best move you can make for your heart as it lowers blood pressure and strengthens your heart. 
  8. Take your heart health seriously!  While blowing a valve or springing an oil leak on your car can be expensive, it can be fixed. Having a similar problem in your heart could cause it to be totaled. 


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