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Great Dorm Storage Accessories

There are so many things to tell you about boarding school. I've been keeping most of the experience offline, because it's not fully my story to tell. My daughter, 14, is the keeper of most of the details. What I CAN share is that getting her to and from school takes up a great deal of time and mental energy. Having great dorm storage accessories might seem like a small thing, but when you take care of enough small things, you can focus on the big things.

Dorm Storage Essentials

Dorm Storage Essentials 

These are our trusted dorm room essentials. We've found them to be practical and space saving.

  1. Adhesive wall shelf. Perfect for cellphones, glasses, remotes and more. Get the Dorm Wall Shelf on Amazon here. ($13.50). (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  2. Portable Storage Chest. This great storage bin doubles as seating.  Get the large Rump Roost on Amazon here. ($59) (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  3. XL Handled Tote. This extra-large utility bag holds it all and keeps your stuff safely zipped inside; padded shoulder strap for comfort with interior pocket. Get the 4 Boys Bag on Amazon here.  (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  4. 3 Pack Sock Underwear Organizer Dividers. Pick from 10 colors. Our teens says: Great for organizing socks and underwear. Get the Organizer Dividers on Amazon here. ($16.98). Note: This is an Amazon Affiliate post.
  5. Dark/Light Laundry Hamper. Separate darks and lights laundry in a handy hamper that is easy to carry to the laundry room. Our teens says: Great for separating lights and darks when doing laundry. Get the Laundry Hamper on Amazon here. ($39.99)  (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  6. BedShelfie CableCatch Bedside Shelf Caddy & Bunk Bed Shelf. A perfect addition to a dorm room that doesn'e take up much space. Get the Shelfie on Amazon here. ($26.99) (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)

Great Dorm Storage Accessories

This is my daughter's second year away at school. Getting her gear back and forth is a process. Plastic tubs are great, but a little bulky and they can be heavy. We found that durable plastic bags, like the ones Fresh Direct uses to deliver groceries, work best. But Fresh Direct bags aren't exactly stylish AND they don't close on the top. The 4 Boys Bag from Scout are a dream come true.

The 4 Boys Bag (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link) is durable, lightweight, and extra spacious. It's made from an all-weather woven fabric and has a zipper which allows you to fill it to the brim. Once full, it's easy to pick up and go or stow. After all the gear is at school, the bag folds flat for easy storage under her bed or in a bin.When it comes to great dorm storage, when you take care of enough small things, you can focus on the big things.

These all-weather bags come in 10 patterns. We love the Kitty Cent blue print. And you can personalize the bags for $12 additional dollars if you want to do a monogram. There are a bunch of other sizes too, but we like the humongous 4 Boys Bag (dimensions: 24"W x 19"H x 12"D) for her clothes, shoes and sports gear, of which there is a lot. 

Making the most of small spaces with stylish Scout bags

Making the most of small spaces with stylish Scout bags

One thing dorm rooms don't have a lot of is hang-out space. I'm sure the school has a reason for this, they want the kids in wide open spaces as opposed to hiding in rooms. I get it, but I also get that people pop in and out of her room. It's nice to have a place to sit OTHER than the bed. 

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That's where this cool storage bin from Scout comes in. The Rump Roost is a lidded, stackable storage bin that's not boring and plastic. Inside, she's loaded it with hoodies and cold weather gear. You could also fill it with linens or sports gear. But the best part is that the Rump Roost offers additional seating in her room. It'll hold over 200 lbs. on top. She can even stand on it to get to her top shelf in the closet. 

The bin is HUGE (dimensions: 24"W x 15"H x 15"D) yet, really lightweight. And if you want to make a tower of power, there is a medium size that can stack on top. 

When the bin is back home, it folds flat for easy storage in a closet. Like the bags, there are a number of prints offered (there are 12 patterns available for the bin).

Momtrends Wisdom

In the year of doing this move-in, move-out I haven't solved home sickness or the cure for a broken heart, but I can now get her gear back and forth to school efficiently.

Boarding school isn't for everyone, but I am here for you if you are ready to make this leap. I don't have all the answers about parenting, but I have sure learned a thing or two about good gear. Scout is definitely a great partner in this parenting gig.

Staying Organized is a Start

I hope given my daughter an organized and pretty space will help her tackle all the challenges ahead. As a mom, I know I can't fix everything at boarding school. I show love with phone calls, little notes and spending time and effort to set her up for success. 

Scout is a terrific resource for parents helping kids launch at college and boarding school. More Organization Tips from Momtrends.

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Great Dorm Storage Accessories

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