There is something so special about Instagram. We love how it allows us to showcase our world through images as we capture these precious moments of time. Right now I think we can all use some happy moments. I love ALL the moms I follow on social media and I hope you too get inspired by these moms on Instagram.

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Get inspired by these moms on Instagram

My friend Nancy Deane got the great idea to start and art gallery at home with all her kids art work. I love this idea. Why not add a "opening night" and a throw a party with the family. Momtrends Tip: Use painters tape to add the artwork so you don't wreck your paint.

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Get inspired by these insta moms

This Idea Rocks

If you are running short on craft ideas, try this one. Create a rock garden of kindness and positive energy. It's not just about the crafting. When you are done, send these love rocks out into the universe. This clever Brooklyn mom spread them along the waterfront for strangers and neighbors to find and get a boost. 

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Get inspired but these Instagram moms

Build a Pillow Fort

We're all being forced to turn to simpler times. I've got to say I remember spending hours building forts with my brother. I was reminder of this when I saw this awesome creation. 

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Get inspired by IG moms on Instagram

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Decorate the Drive with Chalk Art 

I love how Jennifer's girls created this work of art in the driveway. While we can't get together with our neighbors we can still be neighborly. This is the way to bring a community together.

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Get inspired by these moms on Instagram

Practice Gratitude

We've made it a nightly practice to give thanks before dinner. I love this reminder I got to give thanks and practice gratitude that I saw from my friend in New York City.

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Get inspired by these Instagram moms

Throw and Online Dinner Party

Are you starving for socialization? I get it. I love the idea of a Quarantine Dinner Party. I loved this one thrown in the UK.  no one is going anywhere. The instructions were to "make a little effort." Dress up, set the table, light some candles, listen to some nice music and mix a cocktail. 

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Get inspired by these moms on Instagram 1

Redecorate the kids spaces

Some of us are more motivated than others. I am so in awe of the moms who are using this time to clean up and reorganize. This mom updated her tween daughter's space this week, and I think it's awesome.

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