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Growing up in Brooklyn, I had the incredible opportunity to have access to so many cultural institutions. I especially loved exploring parks and museums on field trips where I was able to put into context what I had learned in school as well as interact and learn from so many fascinating exhibits. One of my favorite school trips has always been visiting to the American Museum of Natural History where I fondly remember staring in awe at the collection of dinosaur bones and the infamous 94-foot whale! 

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Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

Now that I am a mom and raising my daughters in the city I still look forward to these experiences, which I now enjoy through her eyes -- allowing me to see once again how special and important they are.

I recently had the chance to share one of those experiences with her at a very special field trip to the American Museum of Natural History. I had the unique opportunity to explore the museum and learn first-hand about its very special educational exhibits.

Learning About Frogs

We started our journey at the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors exhibit  where we viewed a gorgeous collection of frogs from the tropical rainforests, frozen tundra and the deserts. Through this display we were able to see over 200 frogs that were contained in a re-created habitat, complete with waterfalls, rocks and live plants. 

As we were walking through the exhibit, I loved how the children started in awe at this unique collection of frogs, especially the colorful frogs from Central and South America with their vibrant shades of yellow, orange, blue, and red. I loved how my daughter was in awe at the frogs that came in all shapes and sizes and how I also was able to learn something as well, making this truly an exciting exhibit for both of us.


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World's Largest Dinosaur Exhibit

After viewing the frogs, the kids were really excited to check out the dinosaurs. A favorite of mine, I was excited for my daughter to check out this the World's Largest Dinosaur Exhibit where we viewed a life-sized model of a 60-foot- long, 11-foot-tall female Mamenchisaurus, known for its remarkable, 30-foot neck. 

Looking at this gigantic model, complete with life-sized bones, muscles, internal organs, and its anatomy allowed us to learn more about dinosaur's internal systems such as how its heart rate, respiration, metabolism, and reproduction systems. My daughter's favorite part of this exhibit was being able to be a junior paleontologist where she received a pick, goggles and brush so that she could excavate dinosaur fossils. This interactive and hands-on activity kept her very busy as she pretended to dig up bones in museums replicated dig site. At the end of the day, my daughter kept talking about this fascinating experience and told me that she couldn't wait to see the dinosaurs again.


Plan a field trip to the American Museum of History 

On our intimate field trip we also learned about the importance of school trips as a part of a child's education. Going on field trips such as one to the American Museum of History is a fantastic way to learn in depth about the origin of man, the universe, ocean life, stars and ancient civilizations. 

Through school trips, I was able to develop a deep appreciation of cultural institutions like the American Museum of Natural History and now with initiatives and programs from Kleenex the next generation will also have the opportunity to enjoy unique field trips as a part of their lives.

American Museum of Natural History

200 Central Park West, NYC
For more information visit

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