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Like the rest of America, we've been cooking 90% of our meals at home (supplementing with a bit of local take out here and there when we can. I'm constantly on Pinterest to find inspiration for our menus. Lately, I've been sweetening things up with Bee K’onscious and I'm sharing my favorite honey recipes to sweeten your family menu.

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Favorite Honey Recipes to Sweeten Your Family Menu

Three Favorite Quaratine Recipes with Honey

From my slowcooker main courses, to our baking challenges, honey is our new go-to ingredient to keep things interesting in the kitchen. I'm sharing three recipes we found on Pinterest and made this month.

Here's what we've been cooking. 

Cornbread Muffins with Honey

This recipe is a tasty treat and a nice break from the banana bread we've been making non-stop. It's a great treat in the morning, but these muffins also go with all the southwestern dishes like taco soup and white chili. 

Recipe and image from

Crockpot Honey Roasted Pork

Since I am the homeschool mistress at the house, I'm often starting dinner during the school lunch break which makes dinner service a heck of a lot easier. This shredded pork recipe was a total crowd pleaser. The honey makes everything extra delish. I served it with brown rice and roasted broccoli. 

Image and recipe from

Earl Grey Loaf Cake with Honey Glaze

This was a self-indulgent sweet treat. I adore all things tea and this loaf was meant to spice things up for our breakfast and afternoon "tea time" snack. The glaze was a little tricky, but the effort was worth it.

Image and recipe from

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Picking the Right Honey

When it comes to honey, you need to be a little picky. I've been testing Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey in all these recipes. Founder, Matt Kollmorgen, has a vision for bringing pure, natural honey into American homes.

Shop this nutritious raw honey online at

Each jar of Bee K’onscious’s single-origin honey is sourced from the finest beekeepers around the world, with a QR-coded label that allows customers to scan and trace the honey to the single beekeeper who produced it. The “hive to home” honey brand has partnered with TagOne, a provider of blockchain technology, to provide customers the ability to ensure the source of the jar is producing 100% pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized, non-blended honey.

Bee K’onscious only partners with beekeepers that maintain ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices. The company is also committed to packaging their honey in glass jars and shipping to customers using only recyclable, corrugated packaging.

Favorite Honey Recipes to Sweeten Your Family Menu

Why Honey is So Sweet

No matter how you use your honey, as a sweetener in tea or as an ingredient in your family meals, it's a wonderful thing. High quality honey has natural antibacterial qualities and disease-fighting antioxidants. Bee K’onscious owner Matt Kollmorgen says "What consumers don’t know is that many mass-produced supermarket honeys are cooked and, thereby, lose their nutritional value." Paying a little more for your honey makes a difference. Every jar of Bee K’onscious is raw, unadulterated and uncooked and retains all the good stuff your body needs to fight disease.

Bee K’onscious currently offers four varietals: Brazilian Cipo Uva, Brazilian Marmeleiro Prateado, Montana Clover and a much California Sage. 

Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey retails for $18 per jar. Visit to purchase.


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