Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful transformations the female body goes through. For 9 months our bodies change in quite a remarkable way as we nurture our babies. This remarkable transformation was recently captured in a gorgeous new photography book called Evolve...A Woman's Journey.

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Evolve...A Woman's Journey shares the transformation, survival and triumph of women around the globe as they experience pregnancy. Through each touching story and captivating photograph, you will find a connection and understanding of the "power, strength and beauty that woman possess."

Patrick Stull, the artist, photographer, author and genius behind this masterpiece, spent the last four years of his life capturing the essence of pregnancy and uncovering what he found to be as the "most stunning, emotional and intriguing experience in life."

Be empowered and inspired. As one woman says, "If I can bring life into this world, what can't I do? What can't I conquer?"


Evolve...A Woman's Journey is a wonderful vehicle for women to share with their daughters to teach them about the "power of their bodies, the responsibility of creating life and the impact of pregnancy on their lives."

We love this book so much that we named it one of our top 25 Great Gifts for the Holiday season. Watch for the guide on Momtrends in November. In the meantime, you can purchase the book at in hardcover for $44.95. 


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