This is an usual graduation season. With COVID in our midst, we are isolating ourselves from the ones we love.  I came up with a creative way to celebrate the graduates in my life with these DIY flower arrangement mugs using Fabulous Florals.

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DIY Flower Arrangement Mugs

Getting Started with Flower Arranging

Fabulous Florals is wholesale flower company that is also helping consumers like you and me make beautiful floral creations. I ordered a few dozen flowers to create seven mugs for the graduates and teachers in my life to say congratulations and thank you.

DIY Flower Arrangement Mugs for Graduation Video

Follow along with the step-by-step directions for making these arrangements. 

Ready to get Creative?

These sweet gifts are the perfect way to salvage the graduation season. To start, place your order with a terrific florist. I love working with Fabulous Florals for quality and attention to detail.

You'll also need the perfect container. I worked with a local Vermont artist, Bobbie Platt. Bobbie's pottery is gorgeous and her mugs ($30-$50) are a gift that will last long after the flowers. For your graduate, the mugs will become vessels for caffeine on late night study sessions. Contact Bobbie ( to place your order. 

DIY Flower Arrangement for Graduation

Supplies needed:

  • 2 dozen flowers and greens 
  • Flower shears & knife
  • 6 mason jars or mugs 
  • Ribbon for attaching cards
  • Printable graduation tags
  • Hole punch
MomTrends Graduation Tags


DIY Flower Arrangement Graduation Mugs

In addition to the video, here are a few more tips. 

  1. Let the flowers open overnight before you start arranging.
  2. As soon as you get the flowers, trim the stems and place in fresh water.
  3. For beginners like me, stick to a monochromatic arrangement. All white is really classic and easy. 
  4. Personalize the arrangement with school colors.
  5. Add a printable to sign your name.
DIY Flower Arrangement Mugs for Graduation


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