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Tropical Storm Isaiah gave us quite the midsummer surprise here in the suburbs of New York City. We just got our power back on after a whole week of darkness! With trees down, debris everywhere, and lots of uncertainty, one thing we forgot to check on: our above ground Intex pool. 

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Pool-Cleaning Tips

After seven days of neglect, the water is looking a bit worse for the wear. We're shocking and treating and vacuuming to get it back into tip top shape, but it was a reminder that having a pool (even a temporary one!) means taking on the responsibility of upkeep and management. In the same boat, er, pool? Here's what you need to know:

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Mind the equipment

When the weather is hot, it’s very important that your pool equipment is operating efficiently. Your main pool pump should be running at least 10-12 hours per day, and if you have a salt system or a variable speed pump running at lower rpms, it should run even longer. Be sure to keep your filter backwashed and regularly to make sure it's operating correctly.

Keep the algae at bay

Most algae is caused by low sanitizer (chlorine) levels. It is much easier to prevent them than to treat them. This is why you need to maintain your chemical levels and check them at least weekly and brush the pool regularly.

Dry and store you pool cover

A pool cover left in the sun can become easily damaged. Algae and moss thrive in warm and wet environments, and a vinyl or plastic cover that’s left in the sun can easily be torn. Covers should be dried off and left in a cool, dark and dry place.

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Remove debris frequently

More summertime swimmers add dirt and debris to the water; check and clean your hair and lint pot in your filtration pump and the skimmer basket weekly. Blooming trees and plants can drop flora and pollen into your pool, so skim your pool at least once weekly with a net. Remove debris that has fallen to the bottom of your pool with a brush, deep leaf net or a pool vacuum—or hire a service you trust!

Shock the water more often

Test your pool water’s chemistry twice a week and treat accordingly. Pay special attention after a very hot day or a period of heavy pool usage. Ensure a steady flow of chlorine into the pool--and extra chlorine may be needed if you notice cloudy or hazy water or algae is present in the pool. Reduce pH levels and shock the pool. After cleaning up the mess, service the filter and rebalance your water’s pH.

Maintain pool equipment as needed

Since pool equipment is used much more frequently, it’s important to make sure that it’s always in good condition and has been properly serviced. The operation of your heaters, vacuums, pumps and filtration systems should be checked before being put to use full-time.

Hire a maintenance professional

If you’re too busy or unable to perform the extra necessary care, consider hiring a professional to provide extra maintenance in the summer months. A little extra help is all that’s necessary to keep your pool in great shape during the summer.

Regular preventative measures and pool maintenance will ensure that your pool can be enjoyed by friends and family all summer long.

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