Crafty Ways to Get Organized

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Spring will be here in just a few short days! We're ready for warmer weather, longer days, and sunshine galore... but we're not so pumped for the obligatory spring cleaning sesh.

Of course, once you mop and dust and vacuum and scrub the fun part comes... The organizing! Okay, okay, maybe some of us enjoy purging and sorting and making things neat and tidy more than others. But, regardless, it can make all the difference in making your home look cozy, comfy, and welcome. A few easy DIY projects can help provide a home for all the miscellaneous mess cluttering up the house. This truth is double fold if you're a crafter. 

The pencils, the pens, the markers, the glitter, the glue... everything is everywhere. You're the creative type, we get it. But making your craft supply area look good might just help inspire your next artistic masterpiece. 

And since you're the artsy type, you can get your crafts organized with a craft project (mind blow!). We've rounded up a few favorite spring--cleaning projects from our friends at Joann. They have some fantastic and fun ideas that'll make your annual organization a joy!

Rainbow Wrap Desk Set

pencil cases

1. Collect plastic containers. Clean and dry thoroughly.
2. Starting at the top of the can, use a drop of glue to hold thread in place. Begin wrapping around the can tightly, pushing the threads close together. Use a drop of glue periodically to hold thread in place.
3. Use a drop of glue at the end of each color before beginning the next.
4. Switch colors as often as desired.

Full directions, here.

Craft Room Crate Wall

  1. Collect 8 crates.
  2. Use stain (color of choice) to stain crates and allow to dry. Coat several times if desired.
  3. Paint the exterior boarders with metallic paint. Allow to dry.
  4. Stack for shelving.
  5. Drill together if desired.

Full directions, here.

Colo Caft

  1. Paint jar lids with glass paint. Allow to dry. Apply additional coats as necessary for desired look. Allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats.
  2. Fill jars with your favorite crafting supplies.

Full directions, here.

This is not a sponsored post. Tips were provided by JOANN.

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