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Cough Less, Sleep More


We may be a few days into 2018, but I think I finally figured out my New Year’s resolution: Get more sleep, feel more rested, conquer the world. Okay, maybe that last part is a reach but quality zzz’s is a serious if not lofty goal for this exhausted mama of two. And it’s not just about me. I want my kids to have better bedtime habits too.

We’re working on revamping our evening routine, bumping up baths and snacks and books, and making some changes to ensure bedtime is a relaxing experience that’s conducive to sleep. And I, personally, am trying to retire my laptop and crawl under that delicious duvet of mine by 11—not as early as I’d like, but it’s a start.


Yes, this resolution is more of a work in progress and it’s an ongoing challenge for the whole family. There are endless excuses coming from my manipulative minis, monsters under the bed to chase away, and nightmares that need be squashed and rationalized. Heck, sometimes my kids will just inexplicably crawl into my bed and kick me in the face about a million times in the middle of the night.


But worst of all: those endless winter colds and coughs that keep the kids up, hacking and crying and whining. They most definitely put a damper on the dreamy sleep I, well, dream of. And I know I’m not alone: 77% of moms say that a cough is among the most bothersome symptoms a child experiences when sick that causes them to lose sleep, and 9 in 10 moms say it’s difficult to get adequate rest when their child is sick with a cough.

Indeed, the preschool plague can keep the kiddos and Mama bleary eyed and sleep deprived. And that’s why I’ve learned to have Vicks VapoRub on hand. It’s an essential ingredient in our winter bedtime arsenal.

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There’s a reason VapoRub is the number-one pediatrician recommended cough rub for children ages two and up. Its medicated vapors are clinically proven to last up to eight hours—so kids can get the cough relief they need to get the sleep they require (oh, and parents can too!).

I gently massage it on their chests while humming a relaxing song or telling a silly story. I lower my voice, cuddle in, and hunker down with my chatty, overtired tots. It definitely provides quick cough relief. (If only it could also tuck them in, quell their queries, bring them water, and scare away the bedtime goblins. Ha!)

I tease, but, if I’m being totally honest, bedtime is rarely a breeze. Still, I cherish this sweet bonding time—taking care of them, helping them feel better, kissing their sleepy eyes, and eventually listening to their sleepy breathing, calm and steady. It’s then that I can take a deep breath myself, and feel good knowing that a nagging cough won’t wake them up and that we’ll all have a healthy shot at a solid eight hours.

Moms today say that if they could create their own cough medicine they’d want it to be safe, effective, long lasting, and fast-acting.


But, here’s the good news: moms don’t need to make their own—Vicks VapoRub is already the tried-and-true answer sleepy moms depend on. Bedtime is hard enough on its own. It’s good to know that VapoRub has my back and their chests covered.


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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