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7 Innovative Recipes You've Got to Try
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Wine is a staple in cooking. A splash of white, a pour of red--added per the recipe, tipped in spur of the moment, or on a whim. You can't really go wrong--because wine and food in a simmering pot just go together like, well, like the wine and food paired on your place setting. But it's time for wine to move over and make room for another drinkable ingredient: beer.

Yes, no fancy airs here--we're getting cooking with beer. Dark stouts, amber ales, light citrus brews, you name it. Beer can pack a punch and add some serious buzz to rich dishes and light bites alike. 

We've rounded up a few favorite ways to cook with beer--sláinte!


Beer Braised Short Ribs via Olivia’s Cuisine


Crispy Beer Chicken via Café Delights


Kielbasa and Beer Cheese Soup via 12 Tomatoes


Beer Chili via Self Proclaimed Foodie


Beer Steamed Clams via Fox and Briar


Beer Mac & Cheese via Slow Cooker Gourmet


Spicy Beer Shrimp via Spicy Southern Kitchen


the best cooking with beer recipes

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