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                                                     You Are A Badass Every Day by Jen Sincero

                                                     You Are A Badass Every Day by Jen Sincero

The holidays are here and so is the stress! Don't let the craziness of the season get the best of you. Keep your good vibes high and motivation strong by listening to or reading Jen Sincero's new release, You Are A Badass Every Day, now available wherever books are sold. 

Looking for an accountability coach to help you power through obstacles, especially when it comes to juggling the kiddos, work, and the holidays? Jen Sincero teaches women of all ages how to stay focused and driven while realigning the mind and keeping the positivity flowing. Through one hundred reflections, exercises, and cues she motivates badass moms (like us!) how to achieve goals and dreams by focusing on what matters most ... YOU! 

                                                             Author Jen Sincero

                                                             Author Jen Sincero

Every minute of a mom's day is accounted for and finding moments to squeeze in "me time" is often a challenge. Why not pop this audio book into your car and get some much needed strategies to channel your best self in under two hours? As a motivational speaker, Jen energizes and inspires women everyday to make a breakthrough in their lives. With badass advice, she will teach you how to reach your full potential. Don't question your awesomeness! With a little help, you can change your self-doubting thoughts and negative behaviors and focus on achieving success in all areas of your life. 

Jen's inspiring (and at times humorous!) quotes, activities and exercises will have you saying "ohm!" in no time. Show your family and friends what a badass mom you are by making some positive changes in the way you deal with stress. All you need to do is unlock your potential by following Jen's simple steps to greatness. Grab a friend and get started on a journey to discover the person you are meant to be. Don't forget to tag us on social media using the hashtags #MTBookChat and #badass. We can't wait to see your results! 

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