Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here! Shopping online for the kids this year? While both days have a history of being tied to security breaches, shoppers (like yours truly) continue to click away.... because, hey, who doesn't like big savings!

Make sure that you get all the deals while hackers get zero steals, by following these important tips and tricks to stay safe online while shopping this holiday season.

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  • Always be monitoring - Consumers should be thinking about their security just as much as they’re thinking about hiding those new gifts from their recipients. Like keeping an eye on their credit card activity and bank accounts and flagging any suspicious transactions immediately to their provider.
  • Password management - While we should always review organizations’ privacy statements, terms of use and user agreements, let’s be honest, most people scroll and click accept without reading the fine print. Consumers can protect themselves with data they share online by using password managers, creating different passwords for every app and website login, and change them regularly
  • Ditch the debit - Don’t use debit cards for online shopping as they are directly tied to your bank accounts, and oftentimes, you have no guarantee that if something happens you will be reimbursed for the issue
  • Added layer of defense - The holidays are busy, so leave the monitoring to the security experts. There are options out there with 24/7 monitoring, providing annual credit reports, change of address scans, municipal court/criminal reporting and fraud incident resolution to proactively and reactively help protect customers’ identity.
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  • This is not a sponsored post. Tips by Ron Culler, senior director, technology and solutions for ADT Cybersecurity SMB.

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