Apple picking is one of my favorite family autumn activities. I love getting my kids outdoors in nature and hunting for the biggest, roundest, reddest fruits we can find. We usually collect a big wagon's worth--taste testing some along the way--and leave the orchard with an impressive bounty. Over the next few weeks, my we eat a LOT of apples. At last one goes in each lunchbox and then we try to find new and delicious ways to cook and bake with them. But I also save some for few tried-and-true eats and treats.

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apple harvest soup

What to do with all those apples

Apple Harvest Soup: The weather is getting cooler; there's a crispness in the air. This is the time of year that I like to make and eat soups. This apple-harvest soup features the flavors of fall. It tastes like October.

apple cider donuts

Apple Cider Donuts: Okay, so this recipe doesn't actually use apples, but it does require apple cider (which you'll likely score on your orchard trip). These treats are sweet and cinnamon-coated and scrumptious.

apple pie sangria

Apple Pie Sangria: Sugar, spice, and apple-pie sangria--so nice! This spiked cocktail, with chunks of apples, is perfect for fall entertaining. 

slow cook apple

Slow Cook 'em: If you have a bounty of apples to get through, you're going to need more than a recipe or two. Throw them in the slow cooker and you can make everything from sweet breakfasts to savory sauces and sides.


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