Winter is rough. 

(Okay, Nicole, I know you're reading this and developing multiple counter arguments about snow, skis, family and fun. I hear you, and I get it.)

But still--winter is mostly rough. 

I need Vitamin D. The lack of sunshine and greenery messes with my emotional well-being. And while, I, too, love me a snow-covered mountain, January's brown barren trees and gray skies have given me a serious case of the mid-winter blahs.

One way to combat the cold-weather blues is by bringing my favorite outside elements indoors. I might not be able to capture sunshine in a bottle, but I certainly can embrace a sunnier mindset.

Here are a few tips for bringing a touch of spring to those long, cold winter days...


1. Make a DIY Herb Garden

Your gardening aspirations don't have to wait till spring. A few glass mason jars, some soil, and fresh herbs add up to a really simple and vivacious DIY herb garden. Having fresh and fragrant greenery will perk you up and invigorate a space in your home. Plus, it's a super affordable approach to functional decor. (If you really want to be ambitious, create a windowsill micro-salad garden!)


2. BYO-Bouquets

I love treating myself to floral arrangements, but I'm especially generous in the winter. That's when I crave color and natural beauty. If I'm on a tight budget, I'll pop over to Trader Joe's for a $5 bunch of pretty blooms, but when I really need a pick me up, I turn to Farmgirl Flowers.

3. Create a Secret Garden

Get this? Searches for "garden rooms" are up 104 percent on Pinterest. These lush green over-the-top rooms are equal parts exotic and chic. In these veritable indoor safaris, you can surround yourself with real plants, faux trees, and potted greenery. Add a few throws, pillows, and poufs, and you have your own little rainforest retreat. 

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