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8 Things to Do in Your 9th Month of Pregnancy

The End May Feel Rough, But Use This Time Wisely

Yep, you're in your millionth month of pregnancy... Or so it feels. I'm right there with you, Mama. Aches, pains, exhaustion and all the fabulousness that accompanies having a giant belly and a totally pre-occupied brain. But this is the home stretch--even if it feels like it's a never-ending abyss of time. Eventually, Baby will come. And then you'll be even more tired and overwhelmed--ha! 

Seriously though, that's why you you need to make the most of these last few weeks of newborn-less freedom. Take time for yourself, make time with your partner, and accomplish a few late pregnancy-related to-dos. Check out our handy checklist--some are serious, others are silly... all will make you feel accomplished during this  uncomfortably tedious time!

BTW, how cute is this nursing-friendly B. Warmer sweatshirt dress ($119) from the pre-spring boob collection.

BTW, how cute is this nursing-friendly B. Warmer sweatshirt dress ($119) from the pre-spring boob collection.

Take a Bump Selfie

I know you are ready to get your bump-free body back. But, I promise, once it's gone, you will miss it. Pregnancy, however grueling, truly is amazing and miraculous, and that burgeoning belly is physical, visual evidence that you can do incredible, mind-boggling, beautifully hard things--like grow a human inside your body. Plus, dressing the bump is fun! It's maybe the one time you can feel totally uninhibited wearing tight, form-fitted fashion. Finally, people are just friendly when you're visibly expecting. They strike up conversations, offer words of encouragement, and generally want to make you smile. (Of course, sometimes, they touch and say inappropriate things like, "it must be twins," but, generally speaking, people mean no harm and want to empathize. 

If you haven't been documenting the growth of your bump throughout your pregnancy, be sure to snap some selfies now. Yes, even a bathroom mirror counts; but, better yet, schedule a quick family shoot with a photographer! You'll want to remember this time--even if it doesn't feel that way now.


Get Your Free Breast Pump

If you plan on breastfeeding or are even toying with the idea (no judgement), make sure you check to see if you're eligible for a free electric double breast pump through your insurance. 

I'm not going to lie, I procrastinated this process because I thought I was going to have to jump through hoops. But Aerflow made it super simple and seamless. They confirmed my coverage, approved my request in 24 hours, and reached out to my OB directly for a prescription. It was--dare I say--easy! Once they had everything needed, it shipped out immediately. (Note: If you do this earlier in your pregnancy, shipment might be delayed until closer to your due date.)


Go on a Date

If this is your first kid, then celebrate freedom while you still have some. Get dolled up, go out to a fancy restaurant, see a show, and enjoy the things you do together as a couple. 

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Get a Haircut/Manicure

You're not going to have a ton of free time for primping in a few short weeks, so get those pesky appointments out of the way now while you can. Plus, you'll have bouncy hair and freshly polished nails in all those mama and newborn pics.


Go on 1:1 Dates With Other Kids

At six and four, my kids (sort of) grasp that their worlds are about to be rocked by the addition of a new sibling. I've gently warned them that I might not be able to devote all my time to every one of their wants, whims, and needs. I've explained that a newborn needs tons of attention. 

Carve out quality one-on-one kiddo time now to show them just how much you love them. Take them on individual dates to their favorite places and remind them that you'll always make the time for them (it just might have to wait on a feeding and diaper change). 

Make It an Early Bedtime

Sleeping in the third trimester can be challenging. It's hard to find a comfortable position, you're constantly up peeing (or is that just me?!), and your mind is going a million miles a minute. 

It's hard for sure, but just know that it's about to get a whole lot harder. That's why I've been going to sleep at the same time as my kids. My husband has too--and that has helped with the adjustment. I, predictably, wake up a thousand times in the middle of the night, but I mediate, breathe, and essentially force myself to get more zzz's.

Book a Vacation

I know this one sounds crazy, and it might be potentially unrealistic. But if you can, I highly encourage planning a trip! Obviously you can't escape right away, but it's so nice to have a "light at the end of the tunnel." Those early days of parenting can be lonely and grueling, it's nice to have something to look forward to. Whether it's a couple's vacay, a girlfriends' getaway, or a family road trip, knowing you'll have a change of scenery soon enough can help you get through those tough infant hurdles.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Now is not the time to break your back dusting and scrubbing and vacuuming. Put your feet up, literally, and let someone else do the dirty work. Treat yourself to a clean, sparkling house... and maybe continue this for the first few weeks while you're recovering. 

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