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We celebrate womankind every day here at Momtrends. Nicole built this business to help other moms--to find and curate solutions for problems she, herself, encountered on a daily basis (from fashion conundrums to childcare dilemmas) and to share her story with a community of likeminded women. Here at MT HQ, every day is Women's Day. 

We've highlighted lots of amazing women here on Momtrends--entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, moms, and more. But with International Women's Day tomorrow, we are spotlighting women who have made extraordinary impact in their local communities, as well as top female leaders who are helping to create a community where women uplift one another. Here are seven incredible women to follow on Facebook and in life to offer a little bit of female empowerment and inspiration today, tomorrow, and beyond.

  • Nadia Martinez, founder and owner of Kallie & Co, launched a sustainable, socially conscious business on Facebook and Instagram that supports local artisans across the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Nisha Blackwell, Knotzland founder, aims leverage tools on Facebook to build a powerhouse up-cycling business with goals of creating an ecosystem that supports people, and the environment, all while using items that already exist.
  • Rachel Kelly, founder of Make Lemonade, a design-forward coworking environment using Facebook to build her business, is on a mission to build a community of women-led businesses who like to create, dream, and get sh*t done.
  • Tracy Boyd, is blind mother of four children and community leader of Mommies With Guides. Tracy created a Facebook group after connecting with another blind mom and became determined to create a community where women in need of advice could connect.
  • Teresa Burrell, created a Facebook fundraiser that raised more than $290,000 to care for the children of her niece Karisa Clemens and her husband Jim, after the family of five was involved in a fatal accident and that took the lives of the children's parents as well as their newborn.
  • J'nielle Williams is an admin for the Breastfeeding Support Group for Black Moms, a Facebook community which has grown to more than 62K African-American moms dedicated to supporting one another throughout the breastfeeding and postpartum experience.
  • After battling a serious pregnancy complication, Aliisa Rosenthal created a fundraiser on Facebook to help women across the world access maternal care, rallying her community to raise more than $6K for Every Mother Counts, an organization that is working to bring high-quality, respectful maternity care to women across the world.
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