Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays. If you caught my piece on the best sweet Easter treats, you probably already know that. So, it's pretty much a given that I'm forever on the hunt for easy Easter egg decorating ideas too! 

I like to switch things up each year when it comes to my egg decorating. You see, we take the Easter egg hunt very seriously in my family and whomever is hosting the holiday is responsible for creating some seriously creative Easter eggs! Last year my mom hosted, so you know the bar has been set pretty darn high!

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gilded easter eggs diy

Since we moved into a new home earlier his year, yours truly is hosting our family's Easter celebration and I plan on pulling out all the stops. That doesn't mean I want to spend forever and a day making the Easter eggs, though. Bwah! I'm looking for cool, yet fairly simple Easter egg decorating tutorials...and I think I've rounded up some real winners. My fam isn't going to know what hit 'em. Haha! From pretty patterns to sparkles galore, these easy Easter egg DIYs will surely jazz up your own Easter egg hunt! So, who's ready to see a bunch of totally fabulous Easter egg decorating ideas?! I knew you would be!

Six Easter Egg Decorating Tips

  1. Gilded Watercolor Eggs
  2. Ikat Easter Eggs
  3. Glitter Top Eggs
  4. Chevron Easter Eggs
  5. Paper Mache Eggs
  6. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Now that you've walked away with a slew of Easter egg decorating ideas, why don't you check out the fun Easter printables that we rounded up! They would go perfectly with your oh so special eggs! I'm serious...your egg hunt needs these!


  1. Cutest and craftiest Easter desserts
  2. Make an Easter Fairy Garden
  3. DIY Easter Bunny Basket and Bunny Game


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easy easter egg decorating ideas to try

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