Moms are healers by nature, but let's be clear: Mother Nature isn't going to fix herself. We need to take action to make a difference and improve our environment for our children and future generations. It might seem daunting, but you can make an impact with just a few small steps. Here's how you can reduce your carbon footprint beginning today.

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Take a tote. “Ditch the plastic shopping bag and opt for a more versatile alternative like a reusable tote bag,” advises Leslie Landis, author of Chendell: A Natural Warrior. “States like California are already doing their part to reduce the use of plastic bags, and you can help carry that movement forward by keeping a handful of reusable bags in your house and car.”

Think before you drink. “Say goodbye to plastic water bottles by getting a reusable canteen or thermos,” Landis says. “Not only do these items help Mother Nature by cutting down on plastic waste, they also reduce your exposure to and help keep your beverages insulated.”

Get thrifty. “The fashion industry creates a lot of unnecessary waste,” Landis says. “But you can help slow it down by giving discarded clothes a second chance. Shop at thrift stores, second-hand shops and vintage boutiques. By sporting looks from the past, you’ll actually be helping the environment in the future.”

Don’t put the pedal to the metal. Environmental experts talk about how we all leave carbon footprints by the modes of transportation we use. “It’s a lot larger than you think,” Landis says. “Fortunately, there are many alternative means of transportation. Whether you ride your bike to work, carpool to school, or walk, you’ll be saving yourself from the high price of gas while helping reduce carbon emissions in our air.”

Grow green. Whether you’re planting trees to combat the carbon emissions or planting an edible garden to cut back on store-bought waste, Landis says, “Putting your green thumb to good use will always have a positive effect on the government.”

This is not a sponsored post. Tips courtesy of Leslie Landis, author of Chendell: A Natural Warrior

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