Hydration is important for everyone -- whether you're actively on a health-conscious kick or just trying to get through a long day. And while we could all benefit from being more mindful of our water intake, this is especially true for expecting mamas. Your growing body and developing baby depend on water. Want to know why it's so important and how you can get more every day without feeling like you are non-stop chugging? Here are a few tips to keep top of mind.

pregnant woman drinking water

1. Water helps the body absorb nutrients. It also transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells and baby!

Tip: Drink water first thing in the morning - as soon as you wake up, rehydrate your body and knock out a few of those 16 cups. Try drinking at least 1 cup of water before any other beverages, like coffee.

2. Water reduces swelling. Contrary to what you may think, proper hydration can actually reduce water retention and help your body flush out excess fluid.

Tip: Keep a liter water bottle handy throughout the day - after 2 ½ bottles you’ve already met your quota! (Grab a reusable water thermos or grab a liter of Essentia Water.)

3. Drinking enough water can help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Water dissolves the waste products and helps flush them from the kidneys. It also softens your stool making it easier to pass.

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Tip: Set a reminder on your phone - set reminders on your phone to drink a cup or more every 3 hours.

4. Water helps to prevent UTIs. Drinking enough water keeps your urine flowing and reducing the chances of diluted, UTIs, bladder infections and kidney infections.

Flavor your water - makes drinking water more enjoyable by flavoring it with citrus, like lemon and easier to drink.

5. Hydration prevents  overheating. Water can keep the body cool and help replenish any fluid loss from excess sweating. What's more, drinking enough H20 can help to fight off fatigue. Often a mid-afternoon energy crash can come on because we’re lacking hydration.

Tip: Eat hydrating foods - watermelon, cucumbers, pear, cantaloupe, strawberries, broths and soups all add to your daily hydration level!

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