If your workouts are feeling stale, it might be time to shake things up and trying a new routine, a new piece of equipment, and a whole new vibe. 

As moms, we often get stick to what works. Its hard enough to squeeze a 30-minute exercise session into a day, let alone try something different and experiment. But our bodies can be accustomed to the sale ole cardio regimen (as hearty as it may be), and taking things out of our comfort zone can help us move forward, physically and mentally. 

One often overlooked but super effective workout for moms? Rowing. Yes, as in that machine at the gym all the older folks gravitate to. Turns out, you can seriously spice up this otherwise mundane movement, and make it extra fun, super sweaty, and totally awesome. Want to know why you should try a rowing machine -- or, better yet, take a group rowing class (they exist!)? We're sharing the top 5 reasons to give it a go. 

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  • Lower Body Strength: Rowing will strengthen the lower body. Stronger legs are great for all those hours that you spend carrying around your babies.

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  • Low Impact/Low Risk: Rowing is a low impact exercise with low risk of injury so it will flush out the legs and get the blood pumping. If you are pregnant, it's a great option you don't have to support the extra weight you are carrying, which can exceed 40 pounds.
  • Cardio: Rowing is a great cardio workout, but it’s easily scalable to whatever level of intensity you want. Want to get the heart pumping, rev it up? Need to keep it slow and steady, go at your own pace.
  • Mobility and Posture: As moms, we're often carrying kiddos on our shoulders, cradling them in our arms for hours on end, hunched over cribs and changing tables -- it can take a toll. Rowing stretches and opens the upper body, providing upper back, neck and shoulder relief.
  • Rowing Is Versatile: You can rock out and do it to music, you can binge watch television as you get the job done, or you can choose to do a whole cardio class or try just a few minutes for upper body conditioning.

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