Mom March Madness Brackets

Moms get a bad rap for not being cool when it comes to sports knowledge. I admit it's hard to keep up on both fashion AND sports, but this year I'm trying to take part in the NCAA Tournament fun. I went to breakfast with Marriott (Marriott International is the Official Hotel Partner across all 90 NCAA® championships including men's and women's basketball) and got some insider tips for filling in your tournament picks. I just had to share my mom tips for March Madness brackets.

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Print your 2020 bracket here.

March Madness Family Fun

I've always loved college basketball. My brother snuck me into a Duke game back in the 1990s when he was at school. When I heard the Cameron Crazies I was hooked. I loved the pace and the drama. When it came time for me to select a college, I picked Vanderbilt, and was keen to see more college hoops. Student tickets were cheap entertainment and I was a big fan of our Commodores. After graduation, I continued to follow college ball and watch the Final Four games.

Fast forward a few decades and things have changed. As family life got busy, I honestly stopped caring about college sports. But I am about to change that. March can be a dull month, lacking in holidays, but if your family plays along with March Madness®, you can liven things up. I'm getting the whole family involved in making picks and we are all going to follow along.

Robbie Hummel March Madness

Picking Better Brackets

To help me with my picks, I got pointers from college basketball star Robbie Hummel. Robbie attended Purdue University before playing professionally. Now he's a college basketball analyst for ESPN and The Big Ten Network.

Robbie led the Boilermakers to their first Big Ten championship in school history in 2009 and was named the tournament’s most valuable player. He played in the NCAA Tournament in all four years of eligibility at Purdue, including an appearance in the Sweet Sixteen in 2009. He knows a thing or two about college basketball.

At the event he gave us some insider tips and I filled out my bracket - I definitely have Purdue going far thanks to Robbie!

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5 Mom Tips For Picking March Madness Brackets

Ok, now the tips so you can impress your kids with your hoops knowledge.

  1. In the first round, never pick the 16th seed in a bracket. They never win.
  2. Always have the 1 and 2 seeds go to the second round.
  3. As you move along to the Elite Eight, don't pay too much attention to top seeds, college ball is driven by heart and emotion and giants can be slain.
  4. Upsets happen when the 3, 4, and 5 seeds play the 6, thru 10 seeds. This is a great place to take some risks.
  5. Pick blue! This tip is from ESPN: Only one champion in the past 14 seasons that DID NOT have blue as a school color. 

What do you think? Are you game?

Create a family challenge. Maybe the winner gets a week off of chores or a special dinner? Make it fun and be sure everyone fills out a bracket...even the family dog. 

March Madness App

Download the Capital One March Madness app!

Be the fun mom and fill out a bracket and follow along. Filling out brackets is easy. You can print out a copy from the NCAA or use and app. 

Head to the official app Download the app and create a profile (I'm momtrends!) Then you simply make your picks. Hurry! The selection day is March 15th! Games begin on 17th of March. In 2020, the National Championship is in Atlanta.

Let me know if you make a bracket and we can follow along! I'm hoping the girls get into it and want to see a live game some day soon.

5 Tips for Picking March Madness Brackets

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