My kids are picky. A PB&J will NOT cut it in the lunchbox nor will a few bucks for a cafeteria meal. They expect their lunch experience to be--elevated. What can I say, I'm raising mini foodies. Good thing chef Donatella Arpaia shared some easy and delightful recipes that are perfect for families this back-to-school season. Known for her role as head judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, she is also a mother to her 6-year-old son, Alessandro--so she knows the struggle is real. Here are here savory solutions to the lunchbox conundrum. It's easy as the A-B-C's of sandwich making!


A Is for Apple: Turkey, Swiss and Granny Apple Sandwich:

· Spread 2 tsp. honey mustard on one side of Kings Hawaiian roll.

· Top with 3 slices of turkey

· Place 1 thin slices of Swiss cheese over turkey.

· Place a few thin slices of apple over cheese.

· Cover apples with second slice of Swiss cheese.

· Top sandwich with Kings Hawaiian roll.

B is for Bologna: Fried Bologna and Cheese Sandwich:

· Melt the butter in a sauté pan.

· Add the bologna and cook until bologna turns brown.

· Turn the bologna slices over and cook for another minute.

· Top the bologna slices with a piece of cheese and let cheese melt.

· Remove from heat.

· Place bologna slices with cheese on top of sweet roll.

· Spread the other side of Kings Hawaiian roll with 1 tbs. mayonnaise or mustard.

· Top the bologna and cheese with the other side of the roll.

C is for Cheese: Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Mayonnaise Sandwich:

· Spread 1 tbs. mayonnaise inside a King’s Hawaiian sweet roll.

· Place a lettuce leaf inside the roll.

· Place a slice or 2 of American cheese on top of lettuce leaf.

· Top cheese with a slice of tomato.

· Top tomato with other half of the roll. 


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