Move over matcha, there's a new green drink on the scene... and it's taking over your Instagram feed.

Celery juice has become the current trend among health nuts and influencers alike--so I had to do a little digging to see what all the hype is about. After all, I've been eating ants on a log for years now--how different could this possibly be?

Well, according to Anthony Williams, author of Medical Medium and mastermind of the celery-juice movement, drinking celery juice by itself "simplifies digestion and elimination, helping the body to cleanse, detoxify and restore." So, hold the peanut butter and raisins for now.


You can use a juicer like this one or a blender and cheesecloth for straining. You'll need a lot of celery to make a single 16 oz. serving. Good thing celery is inexpensive, but since it's on the dirty dozen list, you might want to spring for organic.

Williams says that, in order to benefit most, you'll want to, ideally, drink your juice in the morning 15 to 30 minutes before you eat anything else... Cheers to your health.  

Here are the top three benefits you might realize from drinking celery juice.


Flush the Gut

The potent nutrients in celery's fibers are activated when it's juiced. A natural laxative, they encourage optimal functioning of the digestive tract.

Celery acts as a reset and helps to alkalize the gut. According to Williams, it eliminates toxins in the body and gut, healing and regenerating the stomach lining. In a matter of days or weeks you can help get your digestive system back on track.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Polyacetylene and luteolin are two powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Plus, it's extremely hydrating which can help reduce all sorts of symptoms and inflammation--from simple puffiness to arthritis. You might even notice your complexion looks clearer and more radiant--your hair might too!


With its ability to balance the body’s pH level and neutralize acidity, celery juice helps to protect healthy cells and bone density and give a boost to the immune system. 

It's a natural diuretic, so it promotes the  production of urine--so you can flush out the toxins in your body. This can also encourage natural weight loss.


Note: Drinking celery juice is safe for most people, but you should consult a doctor before starring any new diet regimens. The cited benefits are not medically proven.

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