3 Fun Workouts to Try for Spring

Get swimsuit ready with these fab workouts!
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Who wants some fun workouts to try for spring?! You know I'm always game! Swimsuit season is coming y'all. And for those of you in the south, it might already be here. If you haven't been logging in enough sweat sessions, now is the time to get serious about your fitness. We all want to feel great in a swimsuit, of course, but we also want to be as healthy as we can be for our families...right?! And on that note, I thought I would round up some fun workouts to try for spring! I've always found that switching up my workouts can help reenergize my exercise routine. So, while some of these aren't exactly new, they may be new to you!


Peloton...I can't be the only one who sees those commercials and REALLY wants to get that bike right? As someone who's taken Peloton spinning classes in person, I am firmly convinced it would be worth the investment to have one of their bikes at home. Now I just have to get the hubs on board. Bwah!


Bikini Body Guide or #BBG is hot hot hot right now. This easy to follow app is shaping bods and taking names! I'm all for anything I can do on the go and you can take an app with you anywhere! Plus, if community is your thing, this system has a huge community of fans on Instagram! I can feel that bikini bod already.

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Goat Yoga...Ok, you could just do regular old yoga, but have you heard about the classes that include baby goats running around? I mean baby GOATS! I'm a sucker for the zen benefits that come from this form of fitness, but the addition of goats just made it a whole lot better! And just in case goats aren't your cuppa tea, check out my favorite YouTube yogi Adriene! I love doing her videos right from the comfort of my family room.

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And for even more fitness related fun, check out these expert tips on how to keep your fitness goals!

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